Why don't the Bulls get Shannon Brown?

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Why don't the Bulls get Shannon Brown?

Why don't the Bulls get Shannon Brown?

I'm sure he could help them out in the backcourt.

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I think James harden would

I think James harden would help their backcourt more. Why don't they get him?

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Totally unnecessary comment

Totally unnecessary comment on a legit remark by tblazer

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I'd try to get him and Roddy

I'd try to get him and Roddy Buckets and let them compete for the starting spot and then whoever doesn't get it can be the back court 6th man with enrergy

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The Bulls need shooting

The Bulls need shooting and/or ball-handling. Shannon provides neither. They really like Snell and Jimmy will be back soon.

I don't really care what they need since I'd rather see them tank this yr, but that's not gonna happen. In the (stubborn) likelihood that they try to compete for a bottom half seed, they should be looking for a point guard. Kirk will physically fall apart soon with the uptick in minutes and Teague plays like he's scared of his own shadow.

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