Why doesnt Capt Jax want to go to Dallas

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Why doesnt Capt Jax want to go to Dallas

Jackson, in fact, wants to stay in Charlotte and is not asking for a trade -- despite apparent interest from Dallas. A trade to the Mavs presumably would give Jackson a chance to be the missing piece on a championship-contending team in the West, but sources say it's more complicated than that. The Mavs first have to find out if they're still an elite team with a healthy Dirk Nowitzki and with Peja Stojakovic replacing Caron Butler, who may or may not return for the playoffs. If they're not, adding Jackson and the $19.3 million he is owed over the next two seasons wouldn't make sense for either party.

Now let me if im crazy or not but they said it doesnt make sense for either party. Why is that it makes sense for dallas because he would help them get over the hill. They need someone that can create their own shoot and they really dont have that outside of Dirk and Terry. Oh and another thing they would pay Haywood and Marion those crazy contacts an yet it doesnt make sense to take on 19.3 milllion for 2 years. Mark has a history of doing things that dont make sense Erik Damp, letting Nash walk, and trade Harris. So what if it was for Kidd they went to the finals without Kidd and now i bet he wishes he didnt do that lol. Jackson would be perfact .

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capt jax would be perfect

totally agree that capt jax would be the perfect fit for the mavs makes no sense why he wouldnt go there though hed be given a chance to win an nba title with the mavs

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Hey how much longer untill

Hey how much longer untill Beabouis is back?

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Charlotte/Dallas trade

I don't know if this is going to be a good trade idea for Jackson coming to Dallas but here it is.

Pretty much the trade is:

Roddy Beaubois, Brendan Haywood and a 2011 1st Round Draft Pick from Dallas to Charlotte for Stephen Jackson and Kwame Brown.

Why does this trade make sense?

Charlotte's View: They aren't making the playoffs with this roster and they're a lottery team this year anyways, so might as well start rebuilding with adding a young piece along with a draft pick. With rumours saying that Gerald Wallace can be going to Cleveland, they're bound to start over. Receiving Roddy Beaubous they get a young, 22yr old guard who can play back-up to Augustine and create some friendly competition to push each other. Why Brendan Haywood? I know, I know, he has six years left on his contract and Charlotte is a rebuilding team but here is my reasoning. Outside of Nazr Mohammed who is there other big man? Kwame Brown? I don't think he can get the job done. Not to mention, Diop is out for the year too. They get a solid C combination with Mohammed and Haywood. In addition, getting Dallas 1st round pick (which is the 23rd pick as of right now), they can get a solid PF like Tristan Thompson who can replace Boris Diaw's and his 9 milion dollar expiring contract and who can start right away because there other PF's are Najera and Thomas. Not to mention they have their lottery pick too.

Dallas' View: Ever since losing in NBA finals against the Miami Heat, the Mavericks' window to win a championship is closing. They're roster isn't getting younger and have always tried to make big signings to win, so why not try and get Jackson who is the perfect piece in their system. Jackson can provide offense and IMO, he is a better fit than Caron Butler. The good thing about this is that, Butler has a $10 million dollar expiring contract and Dallas can let him go in free agency and add some depth during the off season. And IF Butler is able to play during the playoffs, it only adds depth to the Mavericks' roster and with more depth they're able to compete with the Lakers. Why Kwame Brown? Well have another big body to bang around with the Andrew Bynum's and Tim Duncan's of the west will be important. Another big body wouldn't hurt. The 1st round pick Dallas is sending is key to the trade because Dallas' doesn't need another rookie in their roster when they can sign a player in the off season with Butler's expiring contract and it allows Charlotte to improve their roster.

Win-Win for both sides of the trade. If any posters wanna discuss this trade I'm more than willing too, let me know what you think!

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Michael Jordan would probably

Michael Jordan would probably not want to take on Brendan Haywood's long contract. I'd guess any trade would be Butler or Chandler for Jackson with some pieces thrown in. Also I do wonder if Dallas would want another guy under contract until he is 35 years old but he would be a good fit for the Mavs.

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Jackson is a low percentage

Jackson is a low percentage shooter who is IMO best used as a complimentary scorer role. He can't shoot a good enough percent to be a defense's main focus on the perimeter vying for a championship. He'd be incredible beside a Kobe,Reke,(Monta again), Wade/LBJ.

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