Why does this site hate on Ty Lawson so much?

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Why does this site hate on Ty Lawson so much?

Lol...I was reading his draft profile on here. It says he doesn't have the athleticism to be a PG in the NBA. I laughed at this because he ended up with a 37 inch vertical in the combine...So, why does this site hate on Ty Lawson so much?

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I guess 37 inches isn't much

I guess 37 inches isn't much of a vertical. He also lacks quickness and isn't a winner. Yeah, I wondered what they meant by that lack of athletisism comment. I really think people look at him and see Raymond Felton, who isn't a bad pro, but hasn't been exacly what was hoped for. That's all I could figure. the fact that this draft is loaded at point guard is the one thing that i think hurts his case the most. He's certainly in the discussion of best, but most consider him no better than 4-8 on their lists. When his career is over, i think whoever draftshim will be happy. I think he will have a long, nice if not fantastic career.

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Ty Lawson

I do not think this site hates on him, but they have legit concerns. Ty Lawson is small, and 37" is a solid vert, but most point guards in the league are around their or better, and the ones that aren't are better shooters than Ty Lawson, even with his ridiculous 3 point percentage in college. Ty Lawson did shoot lights out from college 3, but that does not mean he has NBA range, which also puts to bed the idea that he could be a spot shooter for teams. Ty is quick, and knows how to run a team, but the concerns are over his lack of size and for the fact that in comparison he is average amongst point guards in the league in most things. I think that Ty is tough, and he will be a nice role player, but I think that honestly the whole Raymond Felton thing kind of hurts Ty unjustly. It is funny how a school or a comparison can hurt a player, as the two have little in common other than being pretty athletic, championship point guards. Just because Raymond did not really live up to being picked as high, I almost feel like they see Ty as being a shorter version of Raymond who might go where they think Raymond should go rather than where he deserves to go. After all, as good as Raymond was for NC when they won the title, Ty was even better this year for the '09 title team.

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Good post mikeyvthedon, He

Good post mikeyvthedon,

He is athletic but he needs to become a more consistent shooter. Otherwise people will leave him more open than they do to Rondo.

He also doesn't have too many offensive moves. He bullied his way in college against weaker players. He is going to have to rely more on skill than on his physicality in the NBA.

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very simply, people "hate" on him because he is not fancy or a showboater. That is why the team who picks him in the late first round is going to be one lucky team

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people see in him Raymond

people see in him Raymond Felton at best and Will Bynum at worst, they think that there is better chance for another Will Bynum.

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they don't hate him...

they don't hate the guy its just this draft class is loaded with PG that his being pushed that far in the mock.
And he still needs to develop into a consistent shooter but who ever picks him up at 20's would surely benefit.

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he played in the ACC and

he played in the ACC and still was their best player the accs filled with good guards but still no one could really guard i think hes he safest point guard in the draft.

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Site Right

Ty Lawson is overrated. He is a product of the UNC system and will not be an upper echelon pg in the league because of his lack of size and suspect jumper. Nuff said.

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I was very high on Lawson until recently when I watched a few games of his. I'm starting to question his toughness and that maybe he is injury prone. 37 inches is above average but not spectacular. His short wingspan doesn't help him get any higher.

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