Why does Scott Brooks have a mancrush on Derek Fisher?!

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Why does Scott Brooks have a mancrush on Derek Fisher?!

I cannot think of any reason why Scott Brooks continues to play Derek Fisher 15 minutes a game but a plain simple mancrush. The man is shooting 36% from both the field and the 3 and most of all he's just taking time from other useful bench players like Reggie Jackson and Kevin Martin. Has Brooks not seen enough of Derek Fisher's uselessness in the Finals? Even in the finals there was no reason for this guy to be getting 20 minutes a game. I can understand the veteran presence and all that if he was pulling a Juwan Howard but god damn control your mancrush Scott Brooks.

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I completely agree. He can't

I completely agree.
He can't guard anyone and can't do much apart from shooting threes. Reggie Jackson on the other hand has been playing very well, so Fisher is almost useless.

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None of you guys get it. He

None of you guys get it.

He brings the "veteran leadership" that every team needs to thrive.

Just look at this:

If that isn't veteran leadership, then I don't know what is.

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It was terrible how often in

It was terrible how often in the playoffs the lineup in key stretches had Derek Fisher in rather than staying big with Kendrick Perkins/Nick Collison or going small with Thabo Sefolosha. I do at times wonder about Scott Brooks rotation strategy in general but Derek Fisher needs to stay on the bench and stop stealing Kevin Martin and Reggie Jackson's minutes.

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Reggie Jackson is good

but fisher gives them a change of pace, he's like a change up in baseball/extremely slow after the fast ball Westbrook.

Jackson is a very good young player, but OKC doesn't trust him to run the team in the crunch time or playoffs yet, they would rather him be a second ball handler like Harden was for them.

Brooks also really likes to play the hot hand and Fisher is in a good 3pt shooting zone.

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Derek Fisher is a bad bad

Derek Fisher is a bad bad player...He should never get off the bench.

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He has no business being in

He has no business being in the NBA. And what's worse, he told Dallas to release him to be with his family. Liein ass.

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