why does kobe have to declare the lakers his team?

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why does kobe have to declare the lakers his team?

if he's so great wouldn't we already know the lakers are his team? no other all time great felt the need to remind people of their greatness while they were playing so why is kobe so insecure?

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5 time NBA champion just

5 time NBA champion just oozing insecurities, bruh.

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The reporter asked him the

A reporter asked him the question who's team is it ? He replied truthfully and wasn't demeaning or condenscending anwsering. I don't get how that makes him insecure, when he is just being honest. He is the team Captain.

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Kobe is the Lakers to many

Kobe is the Lakers to many fans and on all form in last few years, it still is. With Nash coming in, the dynamics will change and D12 will have a big presence but D12 will need time to settle and Bynum had been on the team for years so maybe had more clout than D12 will have immediately.

The change will come maybe when Kobe's comtract is up for renewal, how much of a salary drop would be accept for them to maybe stay as genuine contenders when we assume D12 becomes their main player. I think Kobe will accept a lot less but may still hold out for the no trade clause, so he has a safety net, I would think the Lakers would still agree to it, if he did take a decent salary cut. If we see players such as say KG taking $39/40 million over 3 years then I could see Kobe maybe in the up to $45 million over 3 years or maybe more for a shorter deal so each side can keep their options open.

Kobe has always talked of the team making moves but he is always clever enough to stop short of saying his main running mates should be traded, so he keeps them onside.

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Why did Magic Johnson declare

Why did Magic Johnson declare the Lakers his team when he was playing with KAJ who he even said was the better player than himself. Why did Magic also go out and say that even with all of the stars that the team is still Kobe's until he leaves. Elsewhere why would Steve Nash say that Lakers are still Kobes?

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why are you even suprised by this

Kobe was always egomaniac,that a fact...ofc he's gonna say that what did he suppose to say drama queen Howard is the leader? 37 years old Nash? Gasol?!? cmon now

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