Why does Chris Paul get away with flopping so much???

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Why does Chris Paul get away with flopping so much???

Not worrying about a lot of people feeling if they are against me on this post but I just would like to hear a realistic answer as to why this guy gets away with flopping so much. He's pretty much the only superstar I see that throws his head back every single time he gets touched. It really annoys me that the NBA makes a big deal about flopping but doesn't penalize 1 of its main abusers. He's a amazing player but I feel he is a chronic flopper. Who agrees and who else do you think flops a lot?

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Blake Griffin flops almost as

Blake Griffin flops almost as much. Flop City!!

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Maybe cause hes smaller? The

Maybe cause hes smaller? The refs maybe give him the benefit of the doubt. I like making fun of soccer players for flopping. seems its a lot harder to do now then it was a few years ago without someonesaying something back about basketball players flopping... I don't like that.

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1 theory I have is this

He is a super star, the NBA is a star driven league and the refs are paid by the NBA to keep the stars in the game because the fans pay to see the stars play not watch from the bench saddled with offensive fouls...

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Because it seems like the

Because it seems like the refs are told not to bring prior history into a game. It doesn't matter if someone is a flopper who has pulled the same stunt game after game. They have to officiate every play as it is and if that means someone like Paul is falling down, then it must be a foul.

It was so obnoxious when JJ Barea would go flying every time someone tried to post him up. After a few times, there should be a league notice not to fall for it but nope Barea somehow was allowed to get the benefit of the doubt and just get away with it.

It falls on the players and coaches too. When they're posting Barea, they have to know that he's going to go flying about 10 feet on the second or third bump. It might not be fair but if the refs are going to allow him to game them then they have to adjust. It's the same thing with Durant still using the rip-through move when OKC is in the penalty. He goes to it immediately. As an opponent, don't you have to know that? I mean, he's only done it about 50 times. If you're watching the video, don't you have to go, "I'm not going to fall for it. When they're in the penalty, I'm not going to put my arm on his hip." But they do. If this was the NFL, it would be schemed out but somehow the same principles don't transpire in the NBA.

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The Clippers last year were

The Clippers last year were even more ridiculous. Reggie Evans was almost as good a flopper as Paul.

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The real question is, did he

The real question is: did he get fined for this flop? Because this might be the worst I've seen.

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Yeah during the Grizz game I

Yeah during the Grizz game I was super disappointed when Z-Bo got a foul near the end of the game, but it was actually Paul who fouled him. May have changed the game entirely because after that Z-Bo was taken out the rest of the game basically... Worse part is the refs should be blamed because in the heat of the moment they turn around and hear the crowd booing and throw a whistle instantly assuming it's the right call, its crazy. Even if they didn't see the foul!

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Chris Paul gets away with

Chris Paul gets away with flopping and pushing off he gets away with everything lol

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With all the State Farm

With all the State Farm commercials he was bound to pick up some pretty good acting.

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Cliff Paul!

Haha, read this and just died laughing. I really like these commercials, they're unique.

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It's like asking why Lebron

It's like asking why Lebron never fouls out of games.. The upper tier players do get the benefit of the doubt..

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