Why do you love your team?

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Why do you love your team?

Let me start this by saying, the Ducks beat Wazzu 69-43 last night! DAMN! 4 games baby! So far, I give Dana Altman an A+ as the coach of our basketball team. We are ridiculously undersized, and as my brother said last night, "we have no one who can dunk the ball". This is more about athleticism than size, but Altman is taking these guys and making them a competitive team. We lost 6 contributors, including a McDonald's All-American Center and our leading scorer 4 year starter PG, and the fact that we have won 4 Pac-10 games, including a burning of a solid WSU team last night, is outstanding. Out of all the NCAA D1 schools, we are in the bottom ten in average height. We start a 6-6 PF, who we NEVER pictured as being our best player and is not incredibly athletic. We have two 6-8 players, one of whom is better off on the wing and we have a 6-10 German dude who does not play (For good reason). Needless to say, we are playing amazing defense and I credit Altman for our teams success, along with obviously the hard work of our players.

Basically, I have wanted to make this post for a while and ask,

Who is your team/school, and why do you like them so much?

This can portain to any sport really, though hopefully it will be more about NCAA/NBA Basketball. My team is obviously, the University of Oregon Ducks. This portains to our football/basketball teams mainly, but any sport they are in I will cheer them on unconditionally. When I was younger, I did not necessarily have this mentality, and I dabbled in liking a number of schools/teams for the players. I wanted to play for Georgetown and John Thompson, Allen Iverson was definitely a part of that. I wore a UCLA jersey for my Bar Mitzvah (My brother had Ed's #13 and I had Charles #31, even though I am older). The time finally came to picking a school though, and I had really started to get into being a University of Oregon Duck. I went to see a game at Mac Court, went to a few football games and I just became a Quack addict (yes, I punched myself for saying that). My family is probably a big part of it, I was third generation U of O (grandfather, mom, myself and my brother). So, even though I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I bleed green and yellow.

So, why did you choose your team? Was it due to your family or geographic location? Are you a contrarian and wanted to be different from them (I have done this, believe me, though more in pro sports than college)? Did their style of play or certain players make you big fans of a certain school/team? Just want to know the school/team and the reason, would be fun to find these things out and see where peoples allegiances lie and why.

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fan of the new york knicks

fan of the new york knicks for many reasons.

born in NY.

there the first team ive ever watched play.

my dad is a huge knicks fan.

so now im a die hard knicks fan, and have been since the day i started watching which was like 2001 or so.

big time uconn husky fan.

live in ct, team thats closest to me and is always on tv, had a friend play for them in the years 1999-2003!

and then die hard jets and giants fan, and a die hard mets fan if im missing anything lemme know.

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I was born in Chicago and

I was born in Chicago and moved to Kansas when I was young. I started cheering for KU when I was pretty young ( I remember watching Rex Walters and Adonis Jordan so probably 92). I moved to Lawrence after college and since living here have gone to a hand full of games and Allen Feildhouse is one of my favorite places on earth, lol. I got to watch them win the 08 title in Lawrence at my favorite bar and watch 120,000 people rush in the streets after. I decided to go back and get a more specialized degree and will graduate next May so it will be kinda sad when I move away from Lawrence ( KU basketball is f***ing huge here)

Since I was born in Chicago and a lot of my family is from there, being a Bulls fan was understood. I remember watching the 92' Finals with my mom. There is no pro basketball team in Kansas so I never had any temptations do defect from the Bulls. Watching MJ really instilled my love for the game and I stuck it out after the dynasty was broken up and never looked back.

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Joe Wolf1!!!

Ha Joe your just like me man. I was born in Chicago during the early Jordan era so basketball was immediately my favorite sport. I was really young when Jordan was doing his thing and was probably too young to have a strong passion for the NBA for the decade they stunk after him. My family ended up moving to Kansas, and they dont have a pro team so I would go to KU games and now have been a long time KU fan since. I would say I wasn't very much into the NBA at the time I was a KU fan, but when they drafted Hinrich out of Kansas I started to watch more Bulls games and they stuck with me and now I cant miss a Bulls game or KU game ever if they come on TV.

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Boston Celtics

Greatest franchise in the history of basketball. Always a team concept. One of the few teams that play it straight without concern for media attention or image. First team to draft a Black player and first team to appoint a black player as coach. The city has had it's trouble with racism, but the team has played it down the middle. Best Franchise in B Ball history.

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I am a Jazz fan. I grew up in

I am a Jazz fan. I grew up in Maryland.

When I was a kid my dad wouldn't let me be a Bullets fan because the name was too violent. So I looked elsewhere and was taken by the Stockton/Malone duo, especially because at the time I was such a fundamental player. I loved Stockton more than Malone because I was a point guard but Malone was still more my idol.

What do I love about the team since they've gone?

The longest-tenured coach in professional sports.

Fans ALWAYS finish in the top 10 in attendance despite playing in a small market.

No team does a better job of fostering 2nd round picks and undrafted (underdog) players: Boozer, Millsap, Okur, Matthews, Raja Bell, Carlos Arroyo, not to mention a ton of other role players.

They are the least selfish team in the league, one of the last that plays a real distinct system (the flex offense) rather than relying on one-on-one play.

Everyone busts their asses every night because of the ideals Sloan instills in them.

25 winning seasons in the last 27 years despite having difficulty attracting top free agents w/o overpaying.

Stories like Sundiata Gaines.

There's probably more, I just woke up.

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I began to support Phoenix as

I began to support Phoenix as they were a team which hadn't ever won the title and I liked their style of play especially during the D'Antoni era. Also when Grant Hill and Shaq came over it had two of my favourite players on the roster but we also had the mismanagement and cost cutting of Robert Sarver who wanted success but didn't want to pay for it yet the team still managed to stay in contention until STAT moved on.

The next few years could be interesting as the team looks to rebuild post Nash eventually.

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favorite team

I'm a fan of Purdue. They've got arguably the best center in college basketball in Jajuan Johnson and an explosive scorer in E'twaun Moore. Also a fan of the UCONN huskies. Went to their basketball camp for the past two summers.

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Utah Jazz

Fisrt game I ever saw live.

it was one of the few games that Maravich played in Utah.

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My dad and mom got divorced when I was young and the only thing i really relate well with my dad about is sports so since I was born in utah and he is a kings fan I wanted a western team ( I live in wisconsin) to root for aganist him and talk to him about so I picked my home town team and they have been my favorite ever since them. And kicking my dads kings ass as of late

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lakers. I vaguely watched a

lakers. I vaguely watched a few games back around 1990-91 and saw guys like drexler, jordan and magic but i wasnt hooked. Then when the dream team got put together i really started becoming a big time basketball fan. My stepfather was a laker fan and he had all the old video tapes from the magic era and the championship videos and i would watch them over and over. Then the 1992-93 season i became a basketball nerd and never missed a game. I enjoy the fact that i joined in after the showtime era and guys like sedale threat and vlade divac were running the show so nobody can call me a band wagon fan. Southern california has tons have half hearted fans who roll with the good times and bail during the bad times, but trust me there are countless hardcore fans as well who stick it out thikc or thin and summers in socal are joyous after the lakers win the ring.

As for the ucla bruins, never watched college ball until they won the title in 1995. I slowly got interested and over the course of the 90's became a die hard fan.

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I love the Wizards because of

I love the Wizards because of where I live. Simple as that.

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