Why Do We Make so Much Out of the Lottery?

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Why Do We Make so Much Out of the Lottery?

11 of the 12 teams that pick in the lottery last year are back this year. So, you can not just say that the lottery players are so much better than everyone else. Why so much love to the lottery when the teams and the players they pick are not really moving them forward? The lottery is like welfare. These teams get all the freebies and benefits and never want to leave the hood. People make such a big deal about lottery picks but these players and teams will only be seen 2 or 3 times on national television next year. These so-called great NBA talents will be hidden from casual NBA fans until the teams actually get watchable.

1 answer would be because we are hardcore basketball fans. Any others?

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lol, from the name itself,

lol, from the name itself, LOTERRY meaning its a gamble, wether they pick the one with the most upside or picking another, the lottery picks are the GAMBLE of the nbadraft, the safest picks are the number 1 (which sometimes doesnt pan out) and the 2nd round pick,

LOTERRY picks are the ones that either make you Millions or give you a god darn headache

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Here is why the Lotto is so

Here is why the Lotto is so important. Look at OKC, a team that did a complete tear down and drafted the majority of their teams. Also look at SA, another small market, almost all of their players are 2nd rounders and they still are at the top of the table . It is management and player development

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Because I want the Cavaliers

Because I want the Cavaliers to become a contending team again and it is a rebuiliding process. Thus my interest with the draft.

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Let's look at the two teams

Let's look at the two teams that just played in the FINALS and where their key players were taken in their draft:

James- 1st

Bosh- 4th

Wade- 5th

Durant- 2nd

Westbrook- 4th

Harden- 3rd

I won't get into all of the other franchise changing draft picks because you're right F the lottery. . .

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I like watching the Lottery

I like watching the Lottery mainly because the Celtics were garbage for so long that I had to enjoy watching the young players grow up instead of watching a relevent team. I'm fond of rookies, even more so now that I'm older then most! (Damn you Derrick Favors for making me feel old for once).

I also like watching the lottery because it could really change a franchise, more so then in any other sport. The Celtics went from looking at Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, or Al Horford to deciding who was better between Yi Jianlian and Uncle Jeff. Also I think a lot of us are NCAA fans and like to see where these guys end up. Every day I saw guys like Kemba, Omeka, and Drummond, and it's nice to actually follow their careers, and see what they can do.

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Isn't the lottery including

Isn't the lottery including 14 teams?

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because Anthony Davis>all the

because Anthony Davis>all the other prospects, Bobcats<any other nba team ever assembled

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The lottery is great. For the bad teams, it gives hope for the future. For the good teams, you look for depth or maybe even a guy that fills a hole. It's fun to guess who your team will get or if you are watching it, see a guy that falls that shouldn't. OKC built their core from the draft. Dallas built a team around a draft pick. San Antonio won multiple championships around a number 1 pick. Teams like Cleveland and Chicago had hometown stars come to them to compete for championships. Boston built a recent contender through a draft day trade and also drafted their future/current star outside of the lottery. Arenas, Ginobli and Carlos Boozer, all former all stars and all drafted in the 2nd round.

You get to scratch your head. Second guess or get excited because of a move your team made. I'm a Bulls fan and I have been excited about the Charlotte pick ever since they made the trade with Chicago. I have no idea when the Bulls will get the pick or who will even be coming out that year, but knowing that the pick could be used to either grab a star at some point or to draft another promising young player to pair with Rose is exciting. Your team may draft a guy to stash and now you have interest overseas and wondering how his development is going and when he is going to come over or if he will ever come over.

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Neither the celtics or lakers needed the lottery but that's cause they're attractive big markets. Small markets have to trap young players into rookie contracts. I watch cause my team has been in it a lot lately although i was still excited when they were picking in the lower rounds like when they got javale and Nick young and t.Booker. i think its the audacity of hope that keeps us watching.

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Because, unlike the NBA

Because, unlike the NBA championship, when it comes to the lottery my Magic actually have a history of winning.

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