Why do people hate the Heat?

I was thinking about this question while watching the game tonight and i dont understand it. The main reason i think is because they "bought championship" but thats not the case. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are good friends and wanted to play together and took LESS money to play with each other. Its not like the Yankees, where they went there only because they offered the most money. Wade, and Bosh are nice guys, and I get the feeling Lebron can sometimes be a jerk or immature, but he is not a bad guy. They dont have bad guys or trouble makers on the team. No players with legal problems. They play the game like its meant to be played. They hustle, play fantastic defense, have great chemistry. I dont think anyone hated the celtics this much when they got their big 3. Why hate the heat?

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Why I hate the Heat and y i think other hate the Heat

I hate the heat because im from cleveland. The decsion really pissed me off but im not going to lie and say i would still like lebron if he left differently but i wouldn't hate him . Lebron has also threw a couple of cheap shots at cleveland and his former teamates. Maybe my hate for lebron has made me a conspiracy theorist but i belive lebron knew well before the decision and maybe well before last years playoffs that he was leaving and by not letting the cavs know he was leaving he really hurt the franchise. About them taking less money Chris bosh got the max deal i believe and Wade and James only take a very small pay cut especialy (at least very small to them) when you factor in the tax situation in miami. I think non cavs fans hate the heat out of fear they will dominate the league and/or create a trend where all the stars start joining forces and creating these "super teams" which im not sure would be a good or bad thing for the league.

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because the way lebron left cleveland.

many people hoped that lebron would repeat the Michael Jordan saga and remain and cleveland and tried to win a championship over there but when he left he shattered those dreams. and the way he left did not help a lot.

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I think it was the way it was done

I think most of the hate started with "The Decision" but continued with ESPN's non-stop coverage of the team leading up to the season. I thought it was a pretty arrogant move to organize an hour long special to announce where you were going in free agency...even if you were one of the biggest names in the history of free agency. They hyped it up so much that it seemed like the Heat were being cocky egomaniacs. The big hollywood-style celebration and all that was just pompous, in my opinion. That didn't happen with the Celtics. The C's were assembled through trade, and not organized by the players and agents. It was completely different. Plus, the Big Three of Bean Town were all at the end of their prime and entering the twilight of their careers... they were 3 great individual players who made runs on their own and were assembled to make a couple runs at a championship in a relatively small window of time. I think that helped with people wanting to root for them.

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I don't hate them

I'll tank negatives here. People don't hate Lebron for the decision, they hated him already for what he represents. A player who despite being cocky, and full of arrogance only gets better. There is always a need for a villanous team in the nba. The Lakers went through it, Boston still goes through it. I like Miami a lot because they are fun to watch to me. But not everyone feels the same. Some people think they are sell outs, and think they are ruining the NBA. What they don't realize is its actually good for the nba in terms of revenue.

All and all haters are going to hate. Miami are the villains, and our new lone hero is Rose. Lebron was it last year before the decision. Miami has already embraced the role, so who ever likes the team should also embrace the hate. Its the nba baby, its no good if there is no story. ; )

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the future of the nba will be...

derrick rose bulls and kevin durant thunder trying to knock off the miami trio, unless another superteam is built which may happen in New York or L.A.

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If Knicks can get a

If Knicks can get a consistent 2 guard and a defensive Center, a series with Miami will be very interesting.

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Watch from :55- 1:06... Witness the Quitness!

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The Decision is the obvious

The Decision is the obvious one. Most likely people hate the Heat out of jealousy that they have two of the best players on earth and 3 of the top 15.

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This was my entry into a

This was my entry into a contest at Slamonline in which you had to say why you either love or hate the Heat. I chose hate haha, these are the reasons I hate them...

"I HATE the Heat for oh so many reasons. I hate that they claim to have teamed up to beat a Boston team which realistically wasn’t going to threaten either Wade or James after this season. I hate that we have been robbed of seeing two of the most versatile electric players to play the game continue to battle it out and form a great rivalry. I hate that the Decision forced me to go against Wade, who I love. I hate that every other team in the League has to play at their absolute best to get a win, and would need to do it for four games to actually beat them in a series. I hate that Wade will never be able to challenge Lebron for best player because they are on the same team. I hate that they not only have a talent advantage over arguably every other team, but that the calls also go their way more often than not. I hate that even after getting so many calls, they’ll argue about the one each game they didn’t get and still not receive a tech for it. I hate that they began play with 6 players on the court against the Bulls and were mysteriously given a break by the referees. I hate that their depth is only going to improve because every veteran free agent will sign with them for cheap and make them even more unstoppable. I hate that they started a trend where franchise players force trades to team up and the current generation of stars have no choice but to follow suit. I hate that some people call the move selfless to team up for a ring except it benefits no one except the players themselves. I hate that there is simply not enough talent in the world for all but a few teams to have a shot at beating these guys. I hate that no matter what happens I lose as an NBA fan; if they are as good as expected it’s a no-contest most nights, if they fail to meet expectations then it’s a waste of talent for Wade and James in their peaks. I hate that most people will stop hating them and get on board the bandwagon once they start winning championships. I hate that they might break Michael and Scottie’s record before they are done, and that it will just seem dirty to me. I hate that they might see the death of the small-market teams as competitors. However, the biggest reason I hate the Heat is that every time I say I hate the Heat I’m dismissed as an irrational hater, when really, I have rational and justified reasons for hating the Heat."

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My Opinion

1.) Takes away from the competitiveness of the league with three superstars on one team

2.) The way LBJ handled his exit, and going back on his word to the fans of Cleveland

3.) IMO, Miami has spoiled and passionate lacking fans compared to other teams and seeing those fans get spoiled when other cities *cough cough Toronto* that have the passion for basketball lack a superstar!!

4.) Hate how athletes have these preconceived notions, that if they go to a major market and hot spot like Miami, it's going to all fun and games.

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They are the Anti Lakers!

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People hate them

they're gonna win....and they're gonna win again and again and everyone knows it. That's the BOTTOM LINE....omphalos pretty much summed up every reason people hate them though. I for one DON'T hate them, even though they beat my bulls i'm just a fan of the game.

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For some reason I don't think

For some reason I don't think the way Heat play is fun to watch at all and IMHO this finals is going to be boring compared to last years Finals.

I remember so much excitement when Game 1 came around and this Game 1 almost seemed like it was mailed in the bag cause EVERYONE knows the Heat are going to win.

Maybe I'm just a Boston homer, but I just feel like the parity it the league is disgustingly skewed and that it's not that much fun to watch anymore.

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I just didn't like that they

I just didn't like that they joined forces in Miami, it's not a good sports town and it has been evident when the stands were half empty at the tip-off for playoff games. Bosh also irritates me, I would have been much happier if they had signed Amare instead.

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You know what i hate... 1.

You know what i hate...

1. The Lakers had Magic, Kareem, and Worthy

2. The Celtics had Bird, Mchale, Walton, Perish

3. The Bulls had Jordan, Pippen, Rodman

4. The Lakers had Kobe Shaq Horry Payton

5.The Pistons had Thomas,Dumars, Lambier,Rodman

6. The Jazz had Stockton and Karl

God i remember when i the NBA was awesome with its Super Teams and no one cried like a school girl saying the NBA is over because superstars teamed up.

Get it together people the NBA was at its Prime when super teams are formed.

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Agree to disagree

1. The Lakers drafted Magic and Worthy, with Kareem coming from a trade that he requested from Milwaukee.

2. The Celtics drafted Bird and McHale, the latter coming from an amazing trade by Red Auerbach, which also landed him Parish. Walton had a laundry list of injuries, but the Celtics took a shot.

3. The Bulls drafted Jordan and made a trade for Pippen. No one knew Pippen would be the player that he became. Rodman was 34 years old when the Bulls made a trade for him, and it was considered a risk because of his personality. Luckily, it all panned out.

4. Shaq came to LA to be the man. Kobe was the first guard ever to be drafted out of high school. At that time, high school players weren't really seen as game changers. Horry has never been more than a role player. Payton was old and declining in his career by the time he came to LA.

5. Thomas, Dumars, and Rodman were all drafted by Detroit. Laimbeer came in a trade from Cleveland.

6. Utah drafted Stockton and Malone.

The NBA back then wasn't about "super teams." It was about GM's making good draft and trade decisions that brought all of the players together. Any of these teams could have failed to succeed. The biggest difference between these teams and the Miami Heat now is that none of these players conspired to join together. They also didn't parade around and host a party proclaiming that they would win 8+ championships.

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They were still super

They were still super teams...you're missing the point that they may have been drafted in but why not leave to prove you can win one on your own.

The logic behind everyone's reasoning is stupid because if you want to keep that logic and say Jordan and Pippen were drafted in well Jordan or Pippen should have moved so they could each win one.

Stick to your(everyone) logic and everything will be fine. Accept the fact that the NBA was great when these Super Teams were around. It is what changed the game. The mid 80's to 98 had the most influence on the game then any other era. Look at 00 to now. Can you even name one major change to the game besides being pansies about calls?

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Tim go back to analyzing

Tim go back to analyzing teather ball tournaments, cause you aren't making any damn sense whatsoever.

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