Why is Dionte Christmas not a first round pick????!!!

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Why is Dionte Christmas not a first round pick????!!!

If any of you have watched Dionte play, you will be amazed! I dont get how he is not a first round pick? He has good size at 6'5 for a 2-gaurd, developing handles, and a sweet stroke! I will also guarantee by the end of the season he will be a top 25-30 pick. what do you guys think?


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Is the best player in the draft!!!

If Griffin is actually 6'7 that spells trouble for him, even though he will still be the first pick in the draft. And all of you who think he is a better pro prospect that Beasley dont know basketball. Beasley has more potential, a better shot, and is more versitile. Less heart but i dont think that will be a big factor considering he will have greats players like dwayne wade riding him to improve day in day out.

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He plays for a unknown

He plays for a unknown school 1. he is not a good as other SG in the draft, he could be a first rounder but it depends on the draft needs of the team.

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His athleticism

His athleticism isn't great. I think you're over reacting since he's a consensus early second rounder so he's get every chance to sneak into the late first round. But considering the teams that are probably picking there (right now it's New Orleans, Orlando, Cleveland, LA and Minnesota via Boston) none of them really need a shooting guard. He might go to New Orleans if they like what they see but there's other guys like Terrence Williams from Louisville that should go higher.

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Teammates Malik Hairston and Maarty Luenen unexpectedly heard their names called but Taylor didn’t.
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Siirler Hikayeler Fikralar Programlar Guzel Sozler Resimler freetemplates Taylor was arguably Oregon’s best player last season, but his 6-foot-4 frame makes him a undersized at the next level. Nonetheless, his scoring ability, length and athleticism give him a chance to make in in the league.

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