Why did the L.A. Lakers lose in the Finals

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Why did the L.A. Lakers lose in the Finals

Why did the L.A. Lakers lose in the Finals was it because Boston was a better team Kobe wasnt being like himself or was it the poor defence. If you want my opinion i think the Lakers lost because they did not use the power that got them to the Finals THERE BENCH PRODUCTION. (that and Kobe Bryant)

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Very true

I can see where you are coming from with ther bench production. The celts bench was very strong with posey, house, brown and powe. No offense to the Lakers bench but nobody preformed like any of them except Vujacic. Also Fisher and Radmonvich did not stick out much. All of the Celtics starters performed well. Gasol, Odom and Bryant were good but just those three couldnt help them win it. The lakers need to densify the bench (especially with the loss of Turiaf.) They should not go after a star because that could ruin the Chemistry. They also should not trade Odom cause he is a great team player.

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