Why did the Bulls keep that draft pick they got for Johnson?

It seemed as if they made the James Johnson deal in order to make a deal for a shooting guard. Why didn't they end up doing anything? Did it just fall through or did they hold onto it for a reason?

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I think they were trying to

I think they were trying to use it to get OJ Mayo but in the end no deal go finalized in time between the Grizzlies and any teams regarding Mayo so Mayo stays with the Grizzlies.

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They should have tried to get

They should have tried to get Courtney Lee, he would have been cheaper and just as good of a fit, but next year they should try and sign CDR for some scoring off the bench

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Savy Move

say they needed that roster spot, without having to cut anyone so that they could sign a buy-out option. they just trade him for a 1st rnd. Then if they want to save $$$ they can draft a Euro player stash him overseas, or use this Pick which could be between 23-28th to sweeten a deal next summer

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I think it was just to have an asset.

If it's used for a trade, fine. If they "have to" use the pick, fine.

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