Why Denver Should Trade Carmelo Now

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Why Denver Should Trade Carmelo Now

If they trade him now they can begin to move K-Mart, JR, Nene and Birdman also. They can even get back a solid 3 man in Gallinari, Chandler or Randolph because its pretty obvious he will end up in New York.

trade him in December and you may get a better deal but more unlikely. I could see a 3 way between Charlotte, New York and Denver like;

New York gets- Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith and DJ Augustine

Charlotte gets- Al Harrington, Chauncey Billups, Chris Andersen and Toney Douglas

Denver gets- Raymond Felton(2 yr deal), Gerald Henderson(exp), Derrick Brown(team option), Wilson Chandler(exp), Boris Diaw(exp), Eddy Curry(exp), Landry Fields Charlotte 2011 1st and New York 2014 1st


C- Andersen, Mohammed, Brown, Diop

F- Wallace, Thomas, Harrington, Najera, McGuire

G- Jackson, Billups,Douglas, Livingston, Carroll


C- Nene, Curry, Boateng

F- Martin, Diaw, Chandler, Brown, Fields, Balkman

G- Lawson, Henderson, Afflalo, Felton

New York

C- Turiaf, Mozgov

F- Anthony, Stoudemire, Randolph, Gallinari

G- Augustine, Azubuike, Mason, Smith

Trade at the deadline and you may get terrible offers maybe just expiring contracts since NYK would know they arent working towards a title they wouldnt give up young prospects since they know Melo is a shoe in for 2011 FA. other teams wont get involved because they may be in playoff contention and not wanna part with certain players or they are in rebuild mode and Carmelo isnt gonna go to a rebuilding team without another All NBA guys.

so they have 3 choices Now, December or February I say now if not December but waiting too long may lead to Denver getting Melo'ed

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Do you know how bad that team

Do you know how bad that team would be? They still have to sell tickets and no one will pay for that dreck?

Find a way to deal him to NJ and at least try to get Favors and picks........

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Ugh you honestly dont think

Ugh you honestly dont think the Nuggets can get a better offer than that, and anyways the Bobcats cant trade a pick away till 2014 anyway so the nuggets would get a below average starting point guard, two very mediocre prospects, A okay prospect in Chandler, a non expiring deal in Boris''cheesecakes'' Diaw, Eddys expiring deal, i guess Fields is pretty good.

And two picks in 2014.

Sorry i think the Nuggets can do better.

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wow, that deal is HORRIBLE

wow, that deal is HORRIBLE for the nuggets. They give up melo and buillups for a bunch of average players and a couple picks that might not even be very good?

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This has been widely

This has been widely reported, the Nuggets don't like the garbage the Knicks have to offer. Knick fans love defending the mediocre players from their 25-29 win teams, but nobody else buys that garbage.

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nuggets need a lot more maybe put gallinari into the deal and that MIGHT help.

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That trade succs, Denver for

That trade succs, Denver for some reason don't wanna trade Chauncey, and just because Melo wants to play in New York don't mean thats where Denver wants to trade him because they don't have any good prospects besides Gallo.

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It would not work out for

It would not work out for denver cause even with all of that expiring money who wants to come play there when they have no one left on that squad, but I do think you have the right team that melo ends up with, I think melo has made it pretty clear he only wants to go to the knicks or maybe the bulls, so in the end I believe one of those two,probley the knicks will get him in the end.

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I like the team getting

I like the team getting Melo

however, The Nugs wouldn't move Billups in the same deal and why move Al Harrington?

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Denver's new GM started some

Denver's new GM started some of these rumors and never even asked him if he was willing to sign an extension in NJ I bet. Good luck getting a top young player, decent vet and multiple picks now.

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I think Denver lets Melo play

I think Denver lets Melo play until February, he's contractually OBLIGATED to do so. You're all but guaranteed to get the most out of Melo because he wants to give off the impression he's improved, a professional, it will be his best ball.

That way you just maximize your opportunities.

TO me Melo is greedy. He took the bigger deal then Wade, Bron, and Bosh. He could have signed the same deal and just signed with Chicago, New York, or New Jersey outright with no one losing assets to get him. Now if he is traded, the team he goes to isnt as good. Similar situation to Kobe back in 2003 when he almost went to Chicago in a trade but it was nixed last minute.

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