Why can't there be a Bulls vs. Thunder Finals?

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Why can't there be a Bulls vs. Thunder Finals?

I pose this question the same way Derrick Rose did when he asked why can't he be the MVP.

Quite frankly, I'm tired of seeing the same teams go to the Finals and then there being lopsided series with exception to last year's Lakers-Celtics matchup. I'm tired of hearing about the LeBron James and Kobe Bryant dream matchup. What about my dream matchup? What about Derrick Rose v.s Kevin Durant? Why can't there be a Bulls v.s Thunder Finals?

Rose & Durant embody what basketball is supposed to be about. Little do you hear about them complaining or getting negative attention in the media. They just ball! They're hungry. They never settle. They're competitors. They only want to win. Sometimes I question that with other guys with exception to Kobe of course.

I was following Durant in the summer and I saw him only really tweet about going to the gym and working out for ball. Rose doesn't have a twitter, but whenever we heard about Rose it was only that he'd be working out and playing ball. And we all saw what they did for Team USA with Durant being the main leader. They came right into the season and went hard again without stopping.

These guys are great leaders and their teams' success this year reflect that. That's why I think they will meet in the Finals. They lead their teams to play actual team ball. You will never hear any teammate of theirs bad mouth them or talking negatively about them. They work hard and I believe they will show us why they and their teams deserve the utmost respect and why they will play in the Finals. Again, this is a prediction, but I have strong confidence about it and I will stand by my statement.

I take no credit away from other teams and other players. No matter who it is. I just see that these guys represent the sport well and every true baller out there. So I respect that, along with what they've shown this year through their team success. It's a new age in the NBA and it'll start with these guys. They will lead the league into a brighter future. No more drama queens in basketball. Just ball up!

Any thoughts or opinions?

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I agree. But it will have to

I agree. But it will have to wait til after Kobe gets his 6th ring

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I don't get the question. Of course it could be a Bulls-Thunder final. That would be a positive thing for the NBA, so behind Lakers vs Heat/Celtics, I think Mr. Stern would love to have Rose vs Durant. Personally, this is the matchup I most want to see.

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kinda off topic, but didnt kd

kinda off topic, but didnt kd have some interesting remarks about bosh on his twitter?

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There can be one, but you are

There can be one, but you are seriously underestimating how good the Lakers and Celtics are. Both of those teams play amazing during the playoffs, so amazing that's if awfully hard to beat them in a 7 game series. Honestly, I would like to see the Thunder meet the Bulls in the Finals but that is just the fan inside me saying that. When you look into it with your head, you have to give respect for Kobe, Pau and Lakers as well as for Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, KG and the Celtics. Especially since both teams play extremely well. Like I've said on another forum, "if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best." Right now the best teams in the league are the Lakers and the Celtics. Sorry to burst anybody's bubble but that's the way it is right now. These teams are so well prepared, so well coached, and are ready and know what to do to win a 7 game series. So if the Thunder want to make it to the Finals then they have to beat the Lakers in a 7 game series in a playoff setting. And if the Bulls want to make it to the Finals then they have to beat the Celtics in a 7 game series in a playoff setting.

That is the big thing that is holding each team back.

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I am confused why are people

I am confused why are people saying what teams they want to be in the finals like the league rigs this lol. If a team is good enough to get there they should be there. OKC has to beat a really good Lakers team. Lakers are not that old. They have some young blood and that is enough for them to compete with younger teams.

Boston is solid but they are showing more holes and could be bumped down a notch starting this year.

I know you may be tired of seeing some teams but they are good. there was a time when Chi town and MJ kept winning. Boston Celtic back in the day won like 11 or more straight. I forget the exact number.

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Chicago vs OKC would be nice but the NBA wants money I mean they're losing money every year anyway

Lakers vs Celtics screams ratings and high ticket sales, merchandise and all the other things that bring in money

now not saying Durant v Rose wouldnt bring in money but Lakers v Celtics is light years ahead of anything Bulls v Thunder can do

now the marquee match up would be

Lakers v Heat

Kobe v LeBron

Phil Jackson v Pat Riley

Imagine Game 7 of the NBA Finals Kobe vs LeBron....Lakers vs Heat this would be '91 when Jordan and Magic squared off.

Bulls/Thunder would be good for us and possibly the future of the NBA but nothing will outdraw Lakers v Heat or Celtics

And if Sheltwon thinks the NBA doesnt rig sh!t look at how they let the Lakers, Celtics and Heat play more physical than other teams

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Lakers only young player who

Lakers only young player who impacts the game is Bynum.

Odom isn't young but he doensn't play like he's old. Kobe, Fisher, Gasol and Artest are all 30 or over.

Chicago won't beat Miami or Boston w/out Deng or Boozer playing better.

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I like the Lakers, but I am

I like the Lakers, but I am really hesitant to push a team like the Lakers mavs, or even the celtics forward. these three teams play slow, and are not very explosive or athletic. As good and well coached as they are, I could see Durant beating artest off the dribble, going past kobe's outstretched arms, avoiding fisher's flop, and powering past Gasol. I honestly do think the celtics will escape the heat, but lose to the bulls. the thunder will win against memphis in seven. the lakers in six against the mavs, and it is anyone's seires between the lakers and thunder, either way, itll be a great postseason.

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Fans can't vote on who makes the Finals

This may be a fan's game but you can't vote for the Finals matchup. That's what it seems like you want to do. This is basically a fan's "dream", but the problem is the fan's don't play the game, nor do they vote for the Finals matchup. The Finals matchup is determined, I think we all know, by who wins each conference finals.

Realistically yes, this could happen, but we'll have to wait and see if they can get past the Thunder can get past the Lakers and if the Bulls can get past the Celtics.

I wonder what would happen though if this league had the fan's vote on who would make the Finals.

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