Why can't the lottery be transparent?

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Why can't the lottery be transparent?

Every year, we hear accusations that the lottery is rigged. As a MN fan, I find it absolutely mind-boggling that every year, despite the odds being in our favor, we've NEVER gone above our slotted position, and we've dropped position 7 or 8 times. The only time in recent memory that I can think of the worst team winning the lottery was Orlando in 2004 when they got Howard.

I'm not trying to accuse the NBA of rigging the lottery, even though it may be my gut feeling as a Wolves fan. Here's my question. If there's such widespread accusations of the lottery being rigged, why not actually do the lottery in front of everyone, rather than having it being done in a back room, where only one person knows the results? I feel like that would erase so much skepticism and restore some credibility to the process.

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The lottery isnt rigged. Most

The lottery isnt rigged. Most people just dont understand math. You know your not favored to get the #1 pick right? You guys had the largest chance to get it but its only a 25% chance. Your only going to win 1 out of 4 times which means your going to lose 3 out of 4 times. The odds are NOT in your favor to get the number one pick. The odds of you guys getting the #2 pick is 50% so its basically a coin flip. You are favored to get the number #3 pick with a 75% chance. You guys will end up with Irving or Williams, but it could have been worse. Most people fail to realize that...

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Problem with math

The problem with the math is that they have never benefited in the draft while half the time they have been dropped in the order. I am a wolves fan and have grown to hate the lottery, Powerball gives MN just as good a chance of winning. They should have Vince McMahon come out and make the announcements because at least he knows its only entertainment. Congratulations to every team that Stern wants to make better through the draft, why doesn't he fine the wolves again and take more draft picks for the Joe Smith contract which is still the biggest penalty in NBA history even though much worse has happened.

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I think it would be fun to

I think it would be fun to see the ping pong balls come out. Just like when you watch the powerball drawings during the week, they show each ball come out and make it visible. I think the lottery would also get better ratings if that happened and the NBA wouldn't have to worry about people saying it is rigged.

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i have to say it, i really

i have to say it, i really cant understand how it isnt rigged... cmon the cavs and the jazz both landing top 3's? seems pretty ironic if u ask me...

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