Why arent people Calling for Joe Dumars to be FIRED?!!

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Why arent people Calling for Joe Dumars to be FIRED?!!

Dumars use to be 1 of the the smartest GM's in basketball..He took a cast of unwanted players and misfits and blended them into a championship team..That reached won a ring in 2004 and made several straight appearances in the Eastern Conference Finals..Having a successful team helped ease the big mistake of drafting Darko over guys like Wade,Melo & Bosh ...The Pistons ship started sinking when Dumars sent guard Billups the Heart & Soul of the team to Denver for Allen Iverson..Dumars said he did it to get Iverson's expiring contract..But use the money to sign 2 one dimensional bench players...There have been 3 coaching changes since winning the title in 2004..Then there's the drafting of several guys that play the same positions...

Last week during a radio interview Dumars told the interviewer that the Pistons were on the verge of making a trade..But when he thought he was off air he laughed and said he lied and there were no upcoming trades..He said he only made that up ,becuz thats what fans wanted to hear...

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he probably will once the

he probably will once the team is sold... the pistons will continue to be bad until they

a) start giving ben gordon minutes

b) start giving greg monroe consistant minutes (which they are actually starting to do)

c)get rip and tayshaun off their team

d) get a real point gaurd

d)win the draft lottery

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Dumars is overrated the

Dumars is overrated the Billups trade turned out to be a terrible move he cleared cap space to sign Ben Gordan and Charlie V. He signed Rip to a big long term contract and he's clearly over the hill.

He gets too much credit for the title team, he got Sheed for nothing. Rebraca, Sura, Atkins, Hunder and 2 1st rounders for Rasheed Wallace, Mike James was a steal especially since Hunder came back to the team later in the year. Ben Wallace was a throw in the Grant Hill trade. The Rip Hamilton was definately a smart move for Stackhouse.

His drafts of Daye, Summers, D.J. White, Maxiell haven't worked out same goes for trading Chase Budinger.

He took Darko in the 03 draft passing not just on Mello but Wade, Bosh, and Kaman too.

Since being the 8th seed in 2008-09 season they should've started to rebuild the team and by now maybe be a legit threat to make the playoffs.

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as a pistons fan, he has been

as a pistons fan, he has been doing terrible since that billups trade smh!!!!!!!!!

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he's been making questionable Isiah Thomas-esque moves

It still bamboozles me that they haven't made these moves that everyone knows are going to happen sooner! Rip and Thayshaun should have been gone, the coach should be fired, they need to blow this team up in every way possible. New GM, new coach, new everything!

they only players I'd consider keeping for long term plans are Monroe, Charlie V (good contributor but his salary is HORRIBLE!), terrico white, and Jonas Jerbeko. Everyone else is expendable to me. They need to trade and get as many picks as possible because the next 4-5 years are gunna be rough for Piston fans

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I know people say this a lot

I know people say this a lot and its never true but I can definitely say that I could build a better team than dumars has put together. Honestly how many wing players does one team need? DET right now:

1 backup pg

4 sg

4 sf

2 sf/small pf

2 undersized bigs (1 is 36 years old with no offense)

2 pf/c (1 is a rookie, the other a journeyman scrub)

Ive been saying this since they inked Gordon and CV to those deals that theyre not gonna make the playoffs for a looonnnnnggg time. They better hope they can get in on Irving or Sullinger in the draft cuz they screwed themselves starting when they traded for AI.

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the AI trade was fine if they

the AI trade was fine if they wanted to try to rebuild, but then they signed two 6th men to huge contracts, not a good idea.

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No ones calling for his head

No ones calling for his head lately because the Pistons have been winning more, but they'll inevitably suck again and the talks will get back rolling.

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Winning a title gives you

Winning a title gives you some job security.

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