why arent nba coaches wired?

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why arent nba coaches wired?

if your job depended upon someone elses behavior and you were in the national spotlight wouldnt you take precautions? I do think something is wrong in emperor sterns world because this isnt the first time that accusations of nba improper behavior have been levied about this. for those unfamilair with the charges against bill spooner and why he is upset I suggest you google it. if this type of behavior is ever actually proven the nba will lose a lot of its integrity and unfortunately it wont be the first time 70s- drugs etc. maybe stern gets upset everytime hes accused of something because hes built a house of cards.

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I know why Phil Jackson would

I know why Phil Jackson would never be wired......It would be an audio malfunction with him. Dude never talks he will whistle the whole f*ckin game.

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