Why are you watching the Summer League?

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Why are you watching the Summer League?

Okay, I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and the NBA Summer League is pretty much a way for the fans to get a good, long look at the younger players in the NBA, because a lot of their minutes will be eaten up by veterans during the NBA season.

Well, for me, the reason I am most interested in watching the NBA Summer League, is because I like to watch former Illinois players attempt to make an NBA roster. This year, there are 3 Illini prospects in the Summer League which include former All-American point guard Dee Brown, former starting point guard Demetri McCamey, and the most recent addition to the bunch, the former sophomore center who was drafted with the #11 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Meyers Leonard was taken with a lottery pick. He has a guaranteed two year contract, with a team option for the next two years. McCamey and Dee Brown however don't have guarenteed contracts, and are going to have to work their hardests to make an NBA roster.

Meyers Leonard will be playing in the Summer League for Portland, and I think he will do INCREDIBLY well. After all, he is 7'1", 250 lbs., and he is an athletic freak.

Demetri McCamey will be playing for the Chicago Bulls Summer League squad. McCamey was a very good college basketball player, but problems with consistancy and immaturity led to him being undrafted. McCamey is a good passer, and he is an excellent spot up shooter, especially from long range.

Finally, Dee Brown. Dee Brown was my favorite college player that I have ever watched play. He will be playing on the Dallas Mavericks Summer League team. In college, Dee was an All-American, and he was one of the fastest guards that had played the game. He is an excellent passer, and a very good perimeter jump shooter. Although he is good at many things, his biggest asset is that he is comfortable with being the leader of a team, and he would serve as a good locker room guy for any squad.

As hard as it will be for both Meechi and Dee to make a squad, I really hope they do. I loved watching them in college, and it would make me a very proud Illinois fan if they made it.

So now I ask you guys, why do you watch the Summer League? Is it because of certain players you liked to watch in college? Is it because you want to scout all of the young, future talent in the NBA? Or is it that you just want to see the young guys who may make your team's roster?

Whatever the case may be, I am really interested in hearing your stories.

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I just love basketball. Can

I just love basketball. Can never get enough of it

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Basketball is life, summer league, pre season, regular season, playoffs doesn't matter I love ball

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I also really like seeing if

I also really like seeing if these drafted guys are any good. I played ball today at the park. If only I could do it for a living.

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basketball never stops

basketball never stops

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3 Reasons

1. I love watching Basketball in general and until the Olympics this is the best I can get. Not into WNBA at all.

2. The ability to see other players perform among each other for the first time always intrigues me. Sunday the Bobcats and Cavaliers play and I definitely want to watch MKG and Waiters for the first time playing.

3. Summer league is the one time we get to see the maturity of certain players take place. For example last season I don't remember Alec Burks scoring all that much for Utah but in summer league he put up 31 points. That shows he has the ability to his coaches and it helps his own motivation.

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I'm on the same boat

I want to see how my former Purdue players are doing.

This year we have Jajuan Johnson, E'Twaun Moore, Robbie Hummel and Chris Kramer in summer league rosters. JJ and E'Twaun play for the Celts, Kramer plays for the Pacers and Robbie will hopefully get some playing time for the Wolves in Vegas.

Unfortunately, Jajuan Johnson was the only one drafted in the first round(last year) so the rest of them are playing for a roster spot. But I'm worried for JJ because the Celts just drafted two bigs in Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo and they're playing fairly well, especially Sully. E'Twaun seems to be playing the best out of the four players and I think he will be a good backup for Avery Bradley. Chris Kramer was a defensive stalwart in college and he was one of my favorite players of all time because of his toughness and late-game heroics. It seems though, as much as I hate to say it, he doesnt have the speed to defend guards nor the size to defend forwards in the pros.

I think nobody deserves a chance to play more than Robbie Hummel after all he has gone through, and I hope he can fill a spot-up shooter role with the Timberwolves. Suffice to say I'm excited for the Vegas summer league games.

Other Big 10 players I'm watching out for:

John Shurna, Demetri McCamey, Draymond Green, Talor Battle, Manny Harris, Jordan Taylor

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@sayounh - Purdue

A Big Ten guy, huh? That's my kind of guy!

As far as the Purdue players go, I literally know nothing about that Kramer fellow you were talking about. However, I watched JuJuan Johnson, E'Twaun Moore, and Robbie Hummel torch my Illini for the past two seasons, so I know a good amount about each of those 3 players.

First off, JuJuan Johnson has a guarenteed contract, so unless he is traded, he will be on the Boston Celtics roster.

E'Twaun Moore - You really shouldn't worry too much about E'Twaun Moore. The dude is balling it up so far in the Summer League, and played really well in his limited minutes as a rookie. I think he will make the Celtics roster, and will be the 3rd SG of the rotation. He's a very solid 3rd option.

Robbie Hummel - This poor kid has a ton of heart. His knees are messed up, but he still goes out there and he COMPETES. I love guys like that. He was an excellent player in college, and I hope he continues that on to the pros. He deserves it.

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purdue guys

As much as I like Johnson and Moore and had them both going to the C's last year, they may be trade bait....JJJ looks lost at times and not nearly the confident guy from 2010-11 Purdue.....Moore is out-performing him

Agree that Hummell desreves a break

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In no order

I love sports and don't really like to watch golf or baseball on TV.

I like to get a look at rookies and undrafted free agents before the season starts

I'll watch just about anything basketball related

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inlove with the game and seeing these guys play makes me happy

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Because the Bobcats have a

Because the Bobcats have a chance to actually win a game in Summer league and a win is a win! I will celebrate each victory responsibly though!

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Really 3 Main Reasons

1. Living in the Midwest I don't have many chances to see my Jazz play, so I've been watching their games to get a glimpse of Kanter & Burks. Burks lit it up for 31 pts yesterday and Kanter has looked solid on the defensive end; Summer League is definitely helping those 2 raw lottery picks develop a more rounded game.

2. Other than scouting the Jazz's picks I watch summer games to get a first look at all the draft picks for the first time since the draft; how they handle a pro-style game, how the top picks perform, whether sliders like Sullinger or PJ3 make any impact at all. So far I've been impressed with Miles Plumlee from the Pacers, Sixers tryout Justin Holliday formerly of UW (and Jrue's brother), and former 'Nova guard Maalik Wayns on the Magic (I had them taking him in my mock draft, they should definitely sign him as Jameer's backup).

3. To see undrafted guys from NCAA teams I follow. This year I'll be following XU's Tu Holloway on the Raptors and 3 former Illinis including DEE BROWN back for another shot at the League. It'll also be interesting to see if the Bulls sign Demetri McCamey for PG depth until D Rose returns.

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I love watching SL because

I love watching SL because it's our first chance to see the rooks playing an NBA-style game. I just loving scouting the youngs around the league.

I also watch SL to see the rookies the Wiz just draft for the first time extensively, how the 2nd-3rd yr players like Vesely and Singleton will look, and to see if there are some other undrafted guys or retreads of other teams that have a chance of making the roster.

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Same reason Wiz said, minus

Same reason Wiz said, minus the watching the Wizard players part:)

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I love watching the young

I love watching the young guys to see which of their games are really coming together.

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interesting to see how

interesting to see how certain guys play in the summer league especially incoming rookies and trying to see what parts of their game can translate well into the NBA and i honestly cant get enough of basketball

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