Who's your Favorite(s)...

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Who's your Favorite(s)...

relatively unknown NCAA Men's Basketball player?

My favorites are:

Kwadzo Ahelegbe- UNI Senior Guard

6 foot 2, 213 pounds of muscle. This guy is built to play basketball. He's averaging 7-5-4 this season. There's not many videos of him on youtube, but I think if you get a chance to watch UNI play, you definitely need to look out for him. I was watching the Syracuse/UNI opener and he did a great job in my opinion. I hope he can get drafted mid-late second round. He can drive to the hoop with ease, but needs to work on his shooting.

C.J. Fair- Syracuse Freshman Forward

Carmelo Anthony, Wesley Johnson, Kris Joseph... C.J. Fair. Boeheim has been bringing in all these top Small Forwards, and I think C.J. Fair will be next. Sure he's played in two games, but he's averaging 9-4 in 13 minutes per game. If he shows he can consistently do this he could potentially start some games this year. The only downside is that he is 6 foot 7 and only 200 pounds. He's definitely going to need to put on more muscle, but considering he's a freshman I think he has plenty of time to develop under Jim Boeheim.

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Juan Fernandez of

Juan Fernandez of Temple

Arsalan Kazemi of Rice

Mark Payne of UC Davis

Andre Malone of Auburn

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Norris Cole-Cleveland

Norris Cole-Cleveland State..

Stephen Idlet-Tulsa

Ian Miller-Florida State

Eli Holman-Detroit

Wesley Witherspoon-Memphis

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Shelvin Mack - Butler Alex

Shelvin Mack - Butler

Alex Young - IUPUI

Norris Cole - Cleveland St.

Aaron Pogue - Cleveland St.

Adnan Hodzic - Lipscomb

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I second the Juan Fernandez

I second the Juan Fernandez pick, he is so fun to watch and is very flashy.

Kevin Anderson of Richmond, guy is so fast, he's like Allen Iverson out there with his quicks and toughness.

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Jimmy Butler, Darius

Jimmy Butler, Darius Johnson-Odom and Jae Crowder - Marquette

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CuseFlynn, I played against

CuseFlynn, I played against Kwadzo since I was in 5th grade all the way through high school. The dude was tough to play against ever since I could remember and it was definately fun to watch him play in the NCAA tourney last year. I always thought he was the best player of our graduating class in MN and thought he would have been a good player for the Gophers. That was back in the day though when Monson couldn't get a player in the state for the life of him so he took his game to UNI.

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Diante Garrett- Iowa

Diante Garrett- Iowa State

Julyan Stone- UTEP

Gerald Robinson Jr.- UGA

Jamail Jones- Marquette

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Vander Blue- Marquette Kawhii

Vander Blue- Marquette

Kawhii Leonard- San Diego State

Draymond Green- Michigan State

John Shurna- Northwestern

Talor Battle- Penn State

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DJ Kennedy G/F St John's

Im a huge fan of DJ Kennedy G/F from St John's. Hes somewhat unknown/under the radar, one of the better wing players in the Big East. He might have limited upside as a pro prospect tho, but a solid college player none the less.

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Handles, handles, handles.

Handles, handles, handles. Dropped 4 treys in his first game in college last week. Kentucky wanted him to walk on, but he wanted a guaranteed scholarship. Blew his ACL out before year last season.

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Also, Donald Sims

Donald Sims from Appalachian State. 6-1 pg is super quick and has scorer mentality. Won't play at a much higher level than this, but man is he fun to watch!

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