Who's Your Favorite Player That Never Panned Out

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I think Jacque Vaughn and

I think Jacque Vaughn and Scot Pollard had great careers considering what was expected from them.

Pollard played 10 years, played an important role on some really good Kings teams, and won an NBA championship. For a guy drafted 19th as a hustle/role player, I think he panned out quite well.

Same with Vaughn, he was the 27th pick played 11 years and also won an NBA championship. Was a safe bet as a backup point guard who was going to spell you starter and not mess up. Finished his NBA career with a 2.5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio.

I'm a big Jayhawk fan myself, but those guys had great careers and as late 1st round picks they weren't really expected to be big stars at the next level. I bet if you took an over/under for 5 years in the league when those guys were drafted there would be a lot of unders and they both played at least 10 years and had very good careers in my opinion.

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I Brian Scalabrine would be a

I Brian Scalabrine would be a Dead man's Version of Larry

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fave team that was not good

THIS years washington wizards and this years clippers not that good interms of standings but interms of individual players awsome

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team that disapointed me is

the is the gary payton,kobe,shaq and the carl malone

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Mike Taylor from the Clippers

Mike Taylor from the Clippers bout as athletic(Speed,Quickness,Leaping ability,Explosiveness) as any guard playing right now dropped 35 on the knicks turned around and dropped 25 the next night on the spurs, to end the season played horrible in SL and was out the league.

Only 25 tho and its said that he's playing really well in Europe and the D-League so maybe he can make a comeback, dude is a top notch athlete at the 1 tho for sure.

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daniel ewingmike

daniel ewing

mike dunleavy

mickael gelabale

sergio rodriguez

javtokas robertas (was an athletic beast before the bike accident)

luke jackson

matt frieje

matt walsh

eddy curry

adam morrison

chen jianghua(chinese A.I.)

hilton armstrong


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