Who's in a MUST win situation?

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Who's in a MUST win situation?

Tonight we see two title contending teams play after losing game 1 at home. Which home team is in a MUST win situation tonight?

  • Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks

Personally, I think the Lakers are in a must win scenario. Dallas is playing like they've got something to prove and they are for real this time. They are showing they are a legit title contending team. They match up with the Lakers frontcourt very well and offensively, they probably have more firepower than the Lake show.

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Chicago. If they go down 0-2


If they go down 0-2 to the Hawks then this series might not go back to Chicago.

Chicago doesn't have enough scorers. If Chicago loses and goes down 0-2, even if they split they will be down 3-1 with one of the 3 final games in Atlanta.

If LA goes down 0-2 I still think they have enough weapons and experience to take this to game 7 back in Staples.

If the Hawks go up 0-2 then they can go with a strategy of let Derrick Rose get his, we are gonna guard him one-on-one, but we are gonna shut down the other guys.

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I actually think it's the

I actually think it's the Bulls. They were predicting to easily sweep Indian, however Indian pushed them to the brink in most of those games. Now they come back against an Atlanta team that they crushed in the two games they won against them and lose in the first game. They need to prove that they got the #1 seed for a reason and not let Atlanta think they can win the series. Add in the fact that Derrick Rose's ankle might be bothering him, and the inconsistent play of Boozer. Yeah, the Bulls REALLY need this game.

I think the Lakers do too, but they are still the Lakers and can turn it on whenever they want, but they still need to win this game, because Dallas is really good at home.

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The Lakers more than the

The Lakers more than the Bulls, because Dallas is a better team than Atlanta. They both need to win today though.

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I think the lakers because the

I think the Lakers because the lakers have been fliping a switch on and off for 3+ years. The only time it did not work was against the 2008 boston team that was better than them at the time. I would not be surprised if they won or lost, (the game) but I would be surprised if they lost the sieres. I think the Mavs are an old team like LA, the difference beign LA is just slightly more talented. Which means if the Mavs somehow pull off the upset, I believe they will fall to OKC/Memphis. Those two are just too much to handle for an aging team that does not have a gameplan based on the transition game

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Its playoff time, every game

Its playoff time, every game is a must win.

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Honestly I think both teams

Honestly I think both teams are in a must-win. I don't know that the Bulls are built for the playoffs. Usually in the playoffs teams with 2 or more superstars have the benefit in a series. Also I think Rose's youth and inexperience hurt him as well. I know they had the best record, but the postseason is a completely different beast.

The Lakers haven't met expectations all year, and this is def the most physical Dallas team in the Dirk era. I don't think LA has the size advantage they have against other teams. Pau has been playing poorly and to be honest I didn't think Dallas even played well in game 1. To come back from 16 (16 right?) in LA and not play that well is really impressive.

I don't see either of these teams starting off 0-2 at home and winning the series. I def think LA will win game 2, and Chi will prob win as well. I remember before the ATL/CHI series I instantly thought Rose would struggle because his shot isn't the best and ATL has an athletic, shot blocking front. Then I looked it up and I saw how thoroughly the Bulls destroyed them during the regular season and saw I was completely off-base. Rose should have a better game than last time.

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I expect Rose to have a HUGE

I expect Rose to have a HUGE game tonight... whether someone else shows up or not will determine if they win the game

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anyone live in Utah during the Stockton-Malone years?

I ask this because stockton use to have a commercial I believe for bank of america akin to always give 110 percent well if your always doing this when does your 110 percent become 100 percent? the reason I am stating this is because I believe nba players always play their hardest because they dont want to be known as a vince carter with that being said I am not sure if I believe in the idea of a must win game because if both teams are playing their hardest the team that learns from their mistakes and makes the correct adjustments the fastest and has the most overall talent will win in the end.

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its been done 4 percent of the time

1. 1969 Boston Celtics - came back to defeat Lakers in 7 games in NBA finals; Bill Russell's last yer

2. 1977 Portland Trailblazers - won 4 straight versus Sixers in 77 Finals after dropping first 2 in Philly (I'm old enough to have memories of that)

3. Houston : 1994 West semifinals versus Phoenix, they actually lost first 2 games at home, but rallied to win in 7)

4. Houston : 1995 West semifinals versus Phoenix (again!) and this time, Houston was actually trailing 3-1 and won 7th game on the ROAD at Phoenix

(Houston won the title both years)

5. 1993 Chicago Bulls (East Finals) - beat Knicks 4 straight after losing 1st two in Madison Square Garden, 2nd game featured Stark's great dunk in last minute

6. Dallas (1st round versus Rockets, 2004 or 2005): Dallas lost first 2 games at home but T-Mac and Yao Ming choked.

'07 Cavaliers (ECF vs. Detroit)
'07 Jazz (WC 1st vs. Houston)
'06 Heat (NBA Finals vs. Dallas)
'04 Lakers (WC SF vs. San Antonio)

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both teams are... every game

both teams are... every game in the playoffs is a must win for every team

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