Who's more important to the Lakers?

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Who's more important to the Lakers?

Lamar Odom or Andrew Bynum?

I think it's Lamar Odom, with a thin Laker bench the last 2 years, Odom was able to give enough firepower to make up for it. The Lakers won an NBA Championship without Bynum 2 years ago. I think Lamar Odom is more important to the Lakers.

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People tend to underestimate

People tend to underestimate the importance of being able to have a solid dependable player come in off the bench when some of your more talented players need a rest. It is the same reason the Spurs have Manu come off the bench. Odom is in the perfect place for him with the Lakers, he does not have to be a main scorer but he has the ability to play that 3rd/4rth best player role where he really thrives, so while I feel that Bynum may be the better player overall, Odom is better for the Lakers IMO.

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for the last few years its

for the last few years its been odom. BUt if i had to give up one, if even for just next year, it would probably be odom. I think the potential of bynum being at 100% in the playoffs, somehitng he hasnt done yet, would be a huge boost for the lakers and have a slightly greater impact then what odom brings. But its super close and cant go wrong with either.

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First off great question, this is what I like to see.

Going off of llperez, I have to agree. I don't think you could go wrong either way, but there are not a lot of mobile, athletic, offensively gifted 7-footers in the NBA anymore. He brings something to the table only a few other plans can. I would have to agree I like Bynum a little more.

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Excellent Question

My vote is for Odom. He is just more versatile than Bynum. Bynum is a solid low post guy who can play on both sides of the court. Odom can essentially defend almost any position on the court and can get to the hoop, shoot from 3 and post up guys on the offensive end. When committed, he is one of the most versatile players in the league and for that reason alone, he gets my vote.

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i would say odom

when they didn't have bynum they lost in the finals.... odom is inconsistant sometimes in the playoffs and dissappears... and having bynum gives u huge player in the post and gives the lakers there size that usually the difference between winning and losing in the finals

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the size bynum brings along side gasol makes them next to impossible to defend and to score agaisnt and no ones mentioned how improtant gasol not having to play center is and no disrespect to odom at all hes a super 6th man and when motivated one of the most versatile players in the league its never a bad thing having a 6 10 guy he can grab a rebound and lead the fast break like a pg

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He is far more of a difference maker in a game setting. I honestly can't remember watching a game and thinking, wow Bynum is really changing this game or wow he is a big reason why the Lakers won today. I mean, theres a reason he is not in the game at the end of the game, Odom is.

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Gasol has been the MVP of this team since he got here!

Ya'all remember what life was like before him?

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Bynum. Kobe is good and all,

Bynum. Kobe is good and all, but the combo of Bynum and Gasol at C and PF respectively gives them a length advantage against the majority of the teams in the L. While Odom is a great glue guy and impact player off the bench, Bynum is the perfect complement to Gasol and the reason why the Lakers are capable of beating the Heat if healthy.

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