Who's going to stop Lebron's run at the ships?

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Who's going to stop Lebron's run at the ships?

Who's stopping this thing from turning into 3,4,5 championships in a row? OKC or the Spurs(one more run at it) or is it someone in their own conference like Chicago or Indiana? Thoughts?

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Rose and Durant

The only guys I see stoping the heat are the Bulls and Thunder

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Spurs just took them to game

Spurs just took them to game seven and they have room under the cap to ADD a max contract guy. But you are writing them off.

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Call me crazy

But I think the best chance is in the East right now. Pacers and Bulls always play them tough. I'm pretty sure nobody in the West can really hang with this team. Well then again Kevin Durant and the Thunder could take their best shot at bringing him down. But honestly its in the East. We have to wonder if the Heat will even get to the Finals again. Each time the Heat put the Bulls and Pacers out you can bet they are taking notes.

(FYI Knicks get no respect from me, sorry.)

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bulls (if rose is back to his old self)

bulls (if rose is back to his old self), pacers , and thunder

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The Heat have to continue to

The Heat have to continue to get better.

The Heat did in all honesty need some luck to win the title this year, as LeBron said after Game 7. Indiana was a team that they went 7 games with, and could be a lot better next year. if they have Granger, if they have more consistency out of the PG spot, and if they add some regular level bench players, they could be a force.

The Bulls obviously would be a huge challenge if they had a healthy D Rose. The Bulls probably have a better chance to beat the Heat next year than they did in 2011, just because of the decline of Wade and Bosh.

The Heat definitely could continue to win titles, but not many of their players are getting better, most of them are veterans who are going to continue to decline, so they need to start rebuilding the team a little bit there.

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Is it ok to say Bosh, wade,

Is it ok to say Bosh, wade, and their aging roster. Bosh because if you are making 14 million a year you cant get 0 points and 5 rebounds in a game 7, he was in foul trouble but he still played 28 minutes. Wade because he still has injury concerns and he has been less consistent this year. Mike miller, ray allen, chris anderson and shane battier (were 4 of their 8 players in their rotation in game 7) are all 33 and older so who knows when they are going to drop off. I am not saying they are done but nothing is guaranteed.

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Miami has a hard time dealing

Miami has a hard time dealing with Bigs who can score down low..
i say Indiana & San Antonio still..

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On East Heat will heave

On East Heat will heave problems with Pacers and Bulls,only one team on the West in the future could be a probblem for the Heat and its OKC..if they could keep Harden this season maybe they would be champs now but..

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L.A. Could emerge as a challenger, now that they look like they are willing to spend money.

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don't count out the grizzlies. Not sure if they can make it out of the west but if somehow they do their a lot like the pacers

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Nobody can stop them

If Dwade knees recover we might aswell crown the heat .
Okc is no match for the heat. They have no answer for lebron whether it be a permiter defender or a rim protector(Sorry Ibaka is no intimidator like hibbert or even Duncan).
Bulls are well balanced but they need a reliable second option to create shots for themselves.

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Nobody huh? Short term

Nobody huh? Short term memory loss? They should have lost game 6 if it weren't for an epic meltdown from the Spurs. Up 5, 30 seconds left, no reason the Spurs should have lost.

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CAVS!!!!! lol jk!

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In the East, right now...The

In the East, right now...The Indiana Pacers.
In the West, right now...The Spurs...if they can add another low post big man and a back up scoring pg...their fine.

Personally, I think the Heat will self destruct on their own. Wade is aging. Bosh plays like a back-up player now. Chalmer is still Chalmers. It's just lebron, and he cannot do it on his own. Sure they'll probably be able to recruit some bandwagon players (ala Ray Allen) but I just don't see another championship after this one. Drafting isn't gonna help them now. It'll be hard to trade bosh with his contract. I don't think they'll trade Wade due to his loyalty to the organization.

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OKC if they can replace

OKC if they can replace Perkins. They didn't really get a chance this year since Westbrook got injured.

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Well going to next season

Well going to next season I really don't see anyone stopping them in the East besides maybe Indiana if Paul George can continue to improve and the Heat do nothing to address their lack of size. In the West I could see the Thunder, Spurs, and Grizzlies having a shot. After next season and beyond though the east's playoff picture will look a lot different then it is now imo. The Cavs, Wizards, and Bobcats (yes the Bobcats if they get Wiggins/Jabari) could all pose problems to the Heat as they continue to get older and these teams stock up on lottery picks.

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Probably have to wait till

Probably have to wait till after teams are remade after FA but there arent many. The Pacers are 1 and how they use Grainger this offseason will determine whether they can do it or not. They have the piece inside that Miami wont be able to match in Hibbert who is just entering his prime. Paul George continuing to improve, cutting down on the turnovers and becoming an a more efficient scorer. Those 2 pieces alone improving their games will gain on the HEAT. Now if they can turn Grainger or even Grainger and 1 of their Starting Guards into an elite scorer or facilitator they can do it.The Pacers are really close.

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Personally, I think as Wade

Personally, I think as Wade continues to decline, Miami won't look nearly as dominant. They are still vulnerable to elite post scorers, physical teams, and elite point guards.

My dark horse to eventually challenge them is the Rockets if they get Dwight, the Hawks if they miraculously get CP3 and Dwight, or the Lakers if they keep Dwight and add another star to the mix in a couple years when Nash, Kobe, and Pau are all off the books.

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A lot of teams will be in the

A lot of teams will be in the mix next year but thats the same situation as it was at the end of last year...heat are the team to beat and for now NOTHING is stopping them

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With their current rosters

With their current rosters (and assuming San Antonio is done), the most likely challengers are the Thunder and the Bulls, with the Pacers close.

The Rockets are the wild card that could become a title contender if they get their moves right this offseason.

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Why are you assuming the

Why are you assuming the Spurs are done? They can sign a Max Contract guy in the offseason, plus bring back Ginobli for the mid level exception. Basically there is a scenario where they run back this year's team except replacing Tiago Splitter with Dwight Howard. It fits under the cap, heck they won't even be paying luxury tax in that scenario.

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