Whos going to Contribute thats not talked about

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Whos going to Contribute thats not talked about

Dont put the top 5. Cousins/johnson/wall/favors/evans

Aminu: might be the best player not including the one i mentioned at the top. Great athlete can bring the ball up the court himself rebound and score.

Monroe: Especially if he goes to the Jazz and Boozer leaves. playing with D-will you cant go wrong

Bledsoe: He could be a nice pickup in the later part of the first round good athleticism didnt really get to see him be a true point guard in college cuz that was Walls role but people say he holds his own 1 on 1 with wall might be a nice player.

Pondexter: hes going to be a later first round maybe beginning second rounder but he plays tough D and coaches love that. and so do i

Robinson: Hes a good athlete could runs the floor if he gets on a stacked team he could get backup minutes and bring in some intensity.

Lastly If the Wolves dont trade away their 16th pick That player could end up getting some good minutes maybe Damion Jones.

and i know there are others i just didnt want to go further

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Look out for Jerome Randle.

Look out for Jerome Randle. The man can shoot, has the handle and quickness to slash to the rim, has a good in-between game, and is an underrated playmaker even though he won't be asked to be a pure PG. I think he's the biggest sleeper in the draft.

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i agree

i agree with randle, its crazy that this site doesnt even have him on the board

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Just to name a few..

Dominique Jones, has a really nice game, hes a big time sleeper

Jerome Randle is another one, I feel like if he was 6'3" he'd be a first rounder...

I wasn't always sold on Paul George, but the more i learn, the more i like

Lance Stephenson too, not the quickest guy, but he gets to where he wants to go effetively

I like Jordan Crawford too, hes a born scorer...

i'll stop there before I mention another 40 guys...

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Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson 6-6 220 SG/PG/SF

NBA body and strength, decent speed and quickness, inside/outside skills, shoots well, handles well, passes well, plays smart D, high bball IQ.

Should have been the MVP at Portsmouth since he was the best player there by far.

25.6 ppg. 6.0 rpg. 3.3 apg. 2.0 spg. 57.5% fg. 82% ft. 64.3% 3pt.

Nobody else was even close.

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Robinson scouts love this

Robinson scouts love this guys game and attitude.Hes an athletic player who gets the best out of his athletisism

Booker is this years undersized PF surprise and will I believe rebound and get inside the paints buckets.Hes very quick strang and athletic.

Stephenson his game is built for the NBA and not the limit College level.Should end up being a good 2nd or 3rd option in the future.

Bradley is potentially a great defender which the league lacks.Just like Stevenson hes got the Potential to be a great 2nd or 3rd option and has an NBA built game.

Armon Johnson I think people are talking too much about Bradley and Bledsoe being sleepers and they forgot about that 3rd First Round PG Talent.Hes got bone to pick and should land on a solid NBA team providing a good backup PG spark.

Greivis Vasquez if this guy lands in Indiana he will be a candidate for Rookie of the Year in my opinion as a matter of fact I'm gonna create a post on it right now.

Sherron Collins we saw instant success with Veteren College Gaurds Collison and Lawson why cant we see it with Collins?

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I was thinkin bout saying

I was thinkin bout saying collins also but he didnt show well the end of the season but i agree he could produce in the nba not a starter though

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Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley, i think in time he could be a great lock down defender

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Randle may go late second,

Randle may go late second, but he should sign on to someone's summer league team. I don't know how much there is to be "high" on him about since he's undersized and slender. Yeah he can put the ball in the hole and I think it was at PIT he showed how he can move the ball.

I think Udoh will have an impact - I see him as a Pops Mensah-Bonsu type of dude. Patterson (but he's been talked about).

I wouldn't sleep on someone like Mikhail Torrance or Sherron Collins, both of whom I would love to see go to the Lakers. As someone else mentioned, while they're older, it doesn't hurt to take a 4 year point guard since they have more experience than the frosh and sophs.

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Dont know

But I truley believe Bledsoe is going to be ok in the NBA

He has the NBA body/strength(6'0 192), he is quick enough, fast enough and his leaping ability is sick, a 6'7.5 wingspan and a 8'3 standing reach, he already can shoot it, just give him time and he's going to be a nice PG for a team.

He's got all the TOOLS to succeed, just polish his skills up, you cant go wrong.

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The reason Randle gets no

The reason Randle gets no love is his height, its tough being under 6 ft and in the NBA and still being effective, Jameer Nelson manages right now but nobody else really comes to mind at the moment, and Randle is definitely not as good as Nelson. That being said, I think if given a shot he will be able to carve out a niche somewhere.

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I feel like

Patterson is going to be a stud. His measurements show he got size and his preimeter skills have bloomed. Idk I like his Game.

I also llike Mike Torrence. 6'5 true pg dont come roung to often.

Also if randle was 6'3" he would have been a lotto pick 2 years ago. The kids a baller. He is scary with a bball in his hands

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