Whos to blame for Cavs mess?

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Whos to blame for Cavs mess?

I blame Dan Gilbert, it all starts at the top. Gilbert's job as an NBA team owner is to find the right people to lead this team to sucess and he CLEARLY has failed miserably.

Chris Grant has been solid in terms of making trades and acquiring assests but his drafting has been atrotious. He gambles on players using analytics, ingnoring roster construction, need, and how a team fuctions on the court. I can understand going BPA but Thompson, Waiters, nor Bennett were considered that when drafted.

EVERYONE know that rehiring Mike Brown was a bad move. One of the most important qualities for a head coach in any sport to have is to be a leader of men and that cleary isn't Mike Brown. Just like Byron Scott, he refuses to hold Irving accountable for his lackadaisical defense. Kyrie needs a coach whos going to get in his face and demand better of him. It has become painfully obvious that these players don't respect Brown, there are reports of players being thrown out of practice and threatening not to play. Add that to the fact the he is supposably this great defensive mind yet the team is still horid on defense. His rehiring has been nothing short of disastrous.

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