Who's the biggest big-risk, big reward pick of the 1990's till present?

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Who's the biggest big-risk, big reward pick of the 1990's till present?

Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Yao Ming, Amare Stoudemire, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook

Kevin Garnett who reopened the doors for high school players, the Wolves really took a big risk in him, and after quite a while, he's become a franchise player, an MVP, and a champion.

Kobe Bryant Jerry West saw potential in the 18-year old Bryant, and immediately took a chance in him, trading away long time starter Vlade Divac, and getting the best player in the game today.

Tracy McGrady when he was in the draft he was just an athletic player, Isaiah Thomas took a chance in him, and after a few years he became an impact player in the league, winning scoring championships year after year.

Dirk Nowitzki a little known German, who entered the draft as a young European prospect, began to blossom during his 2nd year, NBA MVP, multiple all-star appearances, not bad for a big risk.

Pau Gasol Pau was a star back in Spain, but it doesn't mean his game will translate to the NBA, after winning the rookie of the year and the rest is history.

Yao Ming a highly prospected big man from China, with a lot of questions regarding him, can he play in the NBA, would he fit the American Culture, language problems, but look at Yao now may be the the 2nd best Center behind Howard, a regular all-star and a hero of his country.

Amare Stoudemire a very big-risk for the Suns back then, they needed an inside presence desperately back then, after winning rookie of the year, Amare's future looked bright, and is one of the best power forwards for quite a while now.

LeBron James an high school phenom, had a major shoe endorsement deal worth hundreds of millions before he played a single game in the NBA, fast forward to day he phenom is now called "The King" and the current NBA MVP.

Dwight Howard also a high school phenom, the Magic were hesitant to pull the trigger on him, they was thinking of Okafor a proven college star. But look at what's happen now, the thin high school phenom has become one of the strongest player in the NBA, a franchise player, and also known as "Superman".

Russell Westbrook most people were shocked why he went that high, a lot of questions in his game. His shooting, can he run the point. But after a year he's become one of the rising young point guards in the league, an athletic freak and a fan favorite.

My Pick: LeBron James with Dwight and Garnett behind him.

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None of those pick are big

None of those pick are big risk big gotta think of a shock pick.

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Lebron wasn't really a risk

Lebron wasn't really a risk at all either. Dwight Howard was a risky one and so was Stoudemire though.

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Your post above just proves

Your post above just proves why High School athletes should be able to declare. Russell Westbrook has to be that guy within the last 5 years. Chris Bosh of 03 as the 4th pick was a high risk. Amare to a point as well.

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I think it's Dwight Howard.

I think it's Dwight Howard. Nobody really knew how he would turn out and he went at 1 overall

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not the biggest but recent

but last year Sacramento picked Jason Thompson out of tiny Rider with a lotto pick, he was considered by everyone to go in the 2nd round, I even heard one expert call it "one of the worst picks of all time", he proved them wrong and had a good season and will be part of the Kings young cast for many teams down the road

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