Who's A Better Scorer

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Who's A Better Scorer

Let's REALLY have a debate! Who's the best scorer in the NBA between Durant, Melo, and Kobe?

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KD IMO. I think he's the

KD IMO. I think he's the best shooter in the league (I love Melo and he's the best when he's hot, but he's a little too streaky for my liking). The fact that Durant averaged only .6 less ppg on 4.5 less shots than Melo says alot to me. Plus KD has really improved his ability to get to the cup in the last year. The 50/40/90 club is an elite group of shooters and KD is arguably the best at attacking the hoop of anyone in that group, which shows just how versatile of a scorer he really is. You could make a case for any of these three and could even throw LeBron in the conversation just for the fact he can get to the hoop at will, but I gotta go with KD.

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Curry is the best shooter in the league. Durant is the best combination of size , skill , and athleticism since Dirk is past his prime. No other guys in the NBA that go 6'10" with a 7'5" wingspan and SG/SF skills. I think Kobe is the best scorer of the guys listed. Though that is because he is most likely to cut your heart out and just reference the 81 point game. I don't think that will happen ever again.

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Honestly, I think the order

Honestly, I think the order goes Kobe, Melo, Durant. This has nothing to do with statistics and everything to do with overall offensive skill set.

Durant is by far the better and most efficient shooter of the group, but Durant currently doesn't have a post game, He either scores on threes or in transition with a few drives mixed in.

Kobe and Melo have game at all 3 levels of the offense. Post, mid range, and three, they can also score in transition. The reason I put Kobe over Melo is because I think Kobe's post game, footwork, and his mid range decisions are better than Melo, They may be 2 of the top 10 post players in the game and they aren't Centers or power forwards.

Also I think if Durant gets that post game, he could be the best player in the league, and the hands down best scorer. I would like to review Duran't game more with Westbrook off the floor, so we should revisit this later.

Durant's 1st game without Westbrook he shot like 13-30, and his 2nd game he shot 12-16. So I would like to see how he attacks and how efficient he is, without Westbrook on the floor. In the past I said Durant never experienced a double team, and now he gets to experience what Lebron experienced in Cleveland and Melo has experienced his whole career.

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I'm pretty big on stats. I

I'm pretty big on stats. I know you are arguing about skill and ingame play. But here are a few stats for those of us that like to balance it.

Saying Kobe has 3 levels is true to an extent. To me Kobe is one of the best post players in the league, and midrange shooter.. but a good three point shooter he is not. He jacks up threes and hits a pretty terrible percentage, He is really really streaky from three. Hes a volume scorer and always will be.

Durants first game without Westbrook he shot 13/30. Whish is 43.3%.. which is higher than Kobes season average last year.

KD might not be as versatile scorer as either one yet but he is a better scorer at this point. When I think of scoring I think of a players ability to consistently put the ball in the basket. Not how many different ways they can do it.

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I don't disagree with any of

I don't disagree with any of that, one thing Kevin Durant and Lebron have on people like Carmelo or Kobe is mindset. They take smarter shots. It's just like people always talk about the most complete players in the game.

In the past you had Jordan and Magic, Jordan more of a scorer, Magic almost averages a triple double, Kobe more of a scorer, Lebron almost averages a triple double. I think that's all mind set, if you ask kobe or jordan to play the Magic or Lebron role they could, and if you ask Magic or Lebron to do the Kobe/Jordan role they could. Kevin Durant picks his spots perfectly, but I'd have to see him play more than 2 games without Russell Westbrook, because having another top 10 player on the perimeter is a great luxury. Durant doesn't get double teamed, he gets to work in the one on one game, and he has a point guard that gets him in transition. I don't know if Durant would be as efficient. Kobe shoots 45% for his career. I think Durant would be a little better but not 5% better. Kobe shoots 34% from 3 for his career, Durant shoots 37%. Not major.

But I don't disagree with anything you say. I just think Russell Westbrook frees Kevin Durant up to the max.

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Durant, hands down. More consistent. Better at slashing. Better 3 point shooter. Better foul shooter. Just as good if not better midrange shooter. Better in these aspects than Melo that is. Kobe is a great scorer but isn't quite as lethal as Melo and Durant right now.

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Really hard

KD is the best shooter of the bunch, but as someone stated he makes .6 less ppg on 4.5 less shots... that good percentage has something to do with Russell Westbrook. If you look up stats I'm pretty sure KD will have been assisted on more shots then Melo. IMO Melo is the best isolation player in the game with his complete offensive game and is completely comfortable with taking all the shots. Rockets frustrated KD so much last night with their face guarding and that happens to Melo every single game. The problem with Melo is he will take a bad shot over finding an open man 80% of the time which makes him a bad team player but a great scorer. The thing with Kobe is later in his career he started seeing teammates better and can find the open man a lot more which makes him a better player but he's not the scorer he once was. Anyways, I still think 1. Melo, 2. KD 3. Kobe

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Kobe or Durant

Kobe or Durant. Melo is a step back them

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Melo...He is the best pure

Melo...He is the best pure scorer in the league right now. I love KD and will always respect Kobe. But for me Melo makes it easy in one way better then these other guys right now. That is going to the basket. Melo is strong enough to drive and finish with tons of contact. When he misses at the rim he has a great second jump ability to get his own rebounds and make the put backs(if you really watch NYK games then you know what I'm talking about) He could be more consistent with his shot. At times he takes a ton of shots to score a large number of points so he could be more efficient as well. You can make a strong case for all of these guys. KD is a tremendous scorer and Kobe is Kobe. But for right now I just think Melo got it right now...

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Man lol Melo is the best

Man lol Melo is the best scorer in the League man, and I've always thought that, regardless of how many scoring titles he HASN'T won, the man can really put it in the basket like no other when all cylinders are clicking, he can do it ALL everything on the offense floor, I know people love Kobe and Durant which is a legit argument, but I just gotta take Melo, and o yea......MELO did win the scoring title this year lol regardless if KD sat out! lol

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It`s KD.. He does it

It`s KD.. He does it efficiently and so smoothly.
Who cares if he doesn`t have Melo`s post game? His post game is improving and the guy lead the league in scoring 3 straight years..
Melo is a streaky shooter and has his share of 10-35 games (the other day) as Durant is much more consistent and efficient in putting up big games scoring wise.
Melo did lead the league this year but his % were nowhere near Durants.
He did go 50/40/90 this year remember. And he did it scoring over 28ppg.

Kobe isn't the best scorer anymore, but he's 3rd in my mind.

The best scorer in the league is the guy who scores the most points and does it without taking a million shots and does it efficiently. That's KD.
But IDK I just don't see how anyone can think it's not Durant, but I guess that's just my opinion.

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I have to go with Carmelo

I have to go with Carmelo.
For me, Kobe doesn't do it anymore. I'm not a fan of his shot selection at all. But he's still one of the better scorers. He's most lethal in the midrange off the dribble. He's lost a lot of his athleticism so he doesn't finish at the basket the way he used to, and his 3 point shot is not as near what it used to be. He also can have his way if he's one-one in the post. I think Kobe should play off the ball more so he would be able to get more catch and shoot/ spot-up shots for himself.

Durant is lethal at 6'11, and scores at an easy rate with his sweet stroke. I know a lot of people wouldn't agree with me, but I really think KD is a limited scorer. At 6'11 with his mobility and athleticism to go along with his shooting, he could score waaay more than he does, if only he had better handles and strength. I think KD relies on his length a lot. His 3 ball is money. He can shoot it from anywhere. But he's not the best at creating his own shot. If he gets a running start, he can run and extend over anybody, but he's not that strong and can't absorb contact well. That's why he doesn't post that much. He's not strong enough. His strength is getting to the line where he rarely misses. Another indication that he's limited with the ball in his hands is that Russ takes more shots than him. That's the reason why. Russ can attack anybody and get to the rim at will, unlike KD who needs his angles. I still think he's a top 3 scorer, just not number 1.

What I said KD lacked, is the exact reason, I think Melo is the best scorer in the league. He can flat out shoot it from anywhere. Deep, Midrange, or post. In the post he's big and strong enough to bang and finish through contact. If he's not quick enough to go around you, he's strong enough to go through you. He rarely gets knocked down because he usually dishes out the punishment when he goes to the goal. He can catch and shoot or shoot off the dribble from anywhere on the floor. It's never a bad shot when he shoots. He has no weakness on the offensive end. Last season in the playoffs, Doc Rivers had the Celtics double teaming Melo as soon as he crossed half court. This morning Doc said, "I dont know if we caused Melo to go 10-35, or if Melo just went 10-35." Plus he's clutch. He has been the most clutch player in the NBA since he entered the league according to several different stat references.

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yup melo, he can score in

yup melo, he can score in every way. KD can too but melo is a little more agressive IMO and now it seems like with kobe its a once in a while thing or whenever he feels like going off..we know he can go off anytime he wants but i mean if hes not doing it on a consistant basis then i dont think its fair to label him as the best scorer. Il take Melo

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I have to say Carmelo. There

I have to say Carmelo.

There are two reasons I take Carmelo over KD and Kobe.

1. He can score in every way KD can and he also has a post-game, which KD does not.
2. Melo can score in every way Kobe can but he's 6'8 and stronger, meaning he can get his shot off easier and bang down-low.

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I just don't see how it's even debatable

It's Durant by a long shot, regardless of Melo winning the scoring title, he took 22 shots a game to score 29 ppg, Durant took 18 shots a game to score 28 ppg. Second, Durant still scored 2280 points, Melo had 1920 points this season. Yeah Durant played 14 more games, but obviously Melo averaging 36 ppg at the end of the season is gonna give him a boost, especially because he is The offensive option on the Knicks. Melo doesn't have a star like Westbrook to share the ball with, Jr Smith knows his role. All stats aside, turn the tables and let's say Melo played 81 games this year and KD only 67, you don't think with those extra 14 games of rest, KD could average 40 ppg at the end of the season on 23 shots a game? In my opinion Melo is one of the most overrated players in the league, no doubt he can score with the best of 'em and he's a clutch shooter no doubt. In terms of scoring though he's probably third to Durant and Lebron, Melo shot less than 45% for the season, while not horrible, it isn't great especially when you consider how "proficient" he is in the paint and the mid range area.

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Melo is the most complete

Melo is the most complete scorer in the league. He can score more effectively in more ways then anyone else in the NBA.

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I would have to go with

I would have to go with Durant because he is so efficient. You rarely see one of those 8-25 games that Melo and Kobe put up so often out of Durant. He is a better shooter than both of them and is better attacking the rim because of his length and handle. He doesn't have the post game that either of them have but he gets by without it.

Carmelo is a great scorer and when he gets hot look out but I think he too often settles for the mid range jump shot. If he took it inside more he could go to the foul line more and he wouldn't have these games with 30 field goal attempts.

Kobe was without a doubt the answer to this question 5 years ago but he is getting older. His skills have hardly diminished but it is just easier for Durant to score. Kobe is shooting fade aways half the time and you almost never see Durant fade away.

They are all great scorers but I must give the edge to Durant because he can score 40 on 15 shots. Lebron is really the only player that can match the efficiency that Durant brings to the table.

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Im not sure why people say

Im not sure why people say Melo I mean he can score every which way but hes very inefficient. Lebron and melo came into the league at the same time, we can say they have had equal opportunity to shoot as much as they want through out there careers. Lebrons career scoring average is 27.6 pts on 20.9 shots shooting 49% while Melo has averaged 25 pts on 19.5 shots while hitting 45%. This year though Lebron took it to a new level hitting 57% of his shots, which is unheard, while Melo only shot 45%. While Durant and Lebron are getting better and more effective Melo did a good job of expanding his game but still in my mind is more of a stagnant volume scorer

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But doesn't having 2 all star

But doesn't having 2 all star career 20 point scorers, and 5 three point shooters over 40% help him get easier shots? If Melo got the ball one one one in the post every play, he could shoot higher than 45% as well.

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This is dumb

Melo is the best scorer in the NBA period. We not talking about FG% or how efficient a guy is we talking about getting buckets and Melo is that guy.

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As Bill Russell told Uncle

As Bill Russell told Uncle Drew, the game always has been and always will be about "Getting Buckets"

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