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Dwight Howard now, or Ben Wallace during the Pistons championship days.

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I'll give the slight edge to

I'll give the slight edge to Ben Wallace. He was quick enough to cover guys on the ball. Howard is a solid low post defender and is great coming in for support, but Ben Wallace could do it all. He was a stealer, rebounder, shot blocker, and a face up shut u up defender. His days in Detroit were remarkable.

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Ben Wallace was the best

Ben Wallace was the best defender I ever watched because he brings that KG factor...the will to win, intensity and the motor.

Wallace had 15 boards above 3 blocks and above 1.5 steals per game in 73 games in his prime...come on it dont get much better than that.

That same year in the postseason he averaged 16 boards 2.5 steals and 3 blocks per game...

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My vote is for Big Ben. Aside

My vote is for Big Ben. Aside from his obvious performance-related advantages, he always had more of a mean streak than Dwight.

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I think Dwight gets a bit too much credit for his D still. He goes for flash with the swat block rather than just playing solid at all times. He ends up goal tending a lot because of this (just doesn't get called most of the time).

Ben was all about grit, grind, do your job. Considering he was shorter than his man most or all of the time, and less athletic by miles compared to Dwight, his D is that much more remarkable.

Also, don't get me wrong, I think Dwight is one of the best in the league, just not the runaway best today like people hail him as being.

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Ben Wallace, didnt watch him

Ben Wallace, didnt watch him much, i was too young a kid then,
But i saw some old games from espn classic, etc.
Dwight Howard, really i think is an Overrated Defender,
He plays solid (low post)D, no doubt about that
but really, i think, he's just a good shotblocker,
But Ben was a great Post Defender And a Better SHotblocker

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I like Dwight Howard more on

I like Dwight Howard more on D, but just a slight bit. If Dwight had a Rasheed Wallace type PF next to him, he would even be more dominant on Defense. Instead hes stuck with a PF that averages 5 points 4 rebounds a game in a playoff series (Rashard Lewis)

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big ben no doubt

howard isnt a very good one on one defender which big ben was amazing at i agree that howard is overrated as a defender

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Agree 100% with 7chakras

Wallace gets the nod, bc of his motor & will.

I also think Wallace is a smarter defender too. He never had mental lapses, and he knew he wouldn't be bailed out by his size & athleticism.

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