Who's In and Who's Not

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Who's In and Who's Not

DaJuan Summers has told reporters that he will not enter the 2009 NBA Draft and return to Georgetown for his senior season, according ESPN insiders. All signs are Ricky Rubio is supposedly leaning toward entering this years draft, according to ESPN insiders as well. Scouts project Willie Warren as a top 10 pick and Tyler Hansbrough as a second round pick.

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I read your comparison of

I read your comparison of Warren to Baron Davis, but seriously, there needs to be a better one. I'm not saying he can't be effective like Baron, but Davis is just explosive. Anyways, I watched Marcus Thornton today for the first time and I was pretty impressed. I then looked at his stats and was more impressed. I'm not hating on Warren, but what exactly does he have over Thornton? I guess Thornton's 3 years older, so that matters. LSU sure looks good though.

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Summers is doing himself a

Summers is doing himself a favor. I wont pick Warren if I was picking in the top ten thats just crazy finally people are starting to get some sense about Hansbrough

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Summers is inconsistant on a

Summers is inconsistant on a play by play basis. He'll catch the ball from 15 ft and hit a tough turnaround on his defender then take a couple bad shots. Willie Warren looks smaller then advertised but hes a player. As for Hansborough I want him on my team outside of a top 20 pick, hes improved his midrange game tremendously. Next UNC game watch his jumpers it seems like everyone is on the mark if he squares up and he's still got the tenacity. While everyone seems to be hopping off his bandwagon I'm buckling the seatbelt.

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Although Willie Warren has shown flashes this year he really needs to go back to school. The kid realizes that Oklahoma runs through Blake Griffin and as a result he has put up decent numbers as a complimentary player, however, in the games that Griffin has been in foul trouble and the few games he missed with that concussion Warren really showed off some of his talent. If he comes back next year as the number one option he will have a chance to put up some serious numbers and really impress.

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Monroe has also said that he'll be back for his sophomore year. He might declare if he's a top 3 pick but both draftexpress and have him mid to late lottery now.

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Warren reminds me of Marcus

Warren reminds me of Marcus Banks with a couple of more inches.. Both very strong finishing at the hoop. However, Warren appears more willing to shoot the 3 and definitely has better range than Marcus ever had.

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Good call

Yea I never thought about Marcus Banks, but that might scare teams away because Banks is talented but doesnt make good decisions and has been a bust in the league. He should come back, because even though he is the most NBA ready freshman, to improve his stats with blake griffin leaving.

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