Whom Would You Start Your Franchise With? And Why?

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Whom Would You Start Your Franchise With? And Why?

Throw the "I'm a OKC/Chicago fan" out the window for a moment and be honest. Is it Rose or Durant you start your franchise with?

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although i love drose a lot

although i love drose a lot more, i would go Kevin Durant here. just because DRose is a point guard whose game is based on athleticism and quickness and those kind tend to fade out in their early 30s while Kevin Durant's game is based on shooting and I just think he can play at a higher level for a longer period of time. Also theres the traditional argument for "when was the last time a team with a scoring franchise pg won a title?" However I would take Drose if he shows more playmaking ability this season as I think that Kevin Durant sometimes, i repeat SOMETIMES has trouble getting his own shot off iso which is a crucial part of carrying a team and he is pretty much a pure scorer without much vision

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The last couple teams to be in the finals or get close didnt have superstar PG's but superstar wings, thats the new thing in the NBA outside of trios

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Same reasons for me as well

Same reasons for me as well as I'd go with Durant.

He'll be an unstoppable player and you can win with an avg. PG even the Magic made the Conf. Finals the last 2 years with Nelson who's not that great at PG. Rose also seems more likely to get hurt becaz he finishes at the rim so much.

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even though u would want to

even though u would want to see more defensivly out of both u take durant the guy is a monster u can run iso's, pick and roll, ball screens thats just a nightmare cuz its coming from a 6'10 sf/sg with a area code to areacode wingspan

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I'd go with Durrant just due

I'd go with Durrant just due to his sheer scoring, he has shown that he can do it with an absolute pass first PG althogh Westbrook is a top level young PG. D-Rose would be a great building point for any team though?

Do people think that adding a top level PG to a team with a superstar scorer can take the team to another level or make the superstar scorer more prolific. Eg put D-Rose alongside Kobe and maybetake away Gasol or have CP3 in Miami instead of one of the big 3?

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A better question would've

A better question would've been, who'd you pick between Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin to start your franchise with?

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not only he is such a prolific scorer hes the type of role model i wanna build my team around he didnt need the decision to announce is re up he handled in a profesional manner

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Easy choice


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I have to go with Durantula

Even when he is 30+ he can be that point forward, ala Turk and be your closer even as you intergrate your newest/younger talent.

PG's are vary rarely closer's that late in their career.

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Durant is the best scorer in

Durant is the best scorer in the NBA so I've got to go with him.

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