Whoever gets Drummond

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Whoever gets Drummond

Whoever gets Andre Drummond needs to have a solid plan in place to develop his ability. Hire the best big man assistant coaches you can and stay on top of him. It worked for the Lakers with the ultra raw Andrew Bynum, pairing him up with Kareem Abdul Jabbar. At the very least send him to Hakeem Olajuwan to train for however long he'll work with him.

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I agree

I agree, who ever drafts him need to let him develop like the Lakers did with Bynum. I think he still might can help a team with rebounding, defense and running the floor. I believe he has the same amount if not more potential than any player in the draft. If I was the Bobcats I would draft Drummond because they're not going to be competing next year no matter who they draft and no one expects them to be competitive.

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Teams may really be kicking

Teams may really be kicking themselves in a few years for passing on this guy.

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That's why I think the

That's why I think the Wizards should take him. They have a good group of veteran bigs that can show him the ropes. Nene is the perfect compliment, and him and Okafor have the UCONN connection. If it's another other teams picking in the top 10 like CHA or SAC, I'd be very wary, but the Wizards should take him.

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yes he can be a bigtime still

yes he can be a bigtime still especially if he falls out of top5..

i don't know why he can't grow into Bynum type of bigman and he has even more potential while at worst i see DeAndre Jordan who by no means would be a bust

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