Who is your team and who do you want them to draft?

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Who is your team and who do you want them to draft?

Who is your team and who do you want them to draft?

I live near Philadelphia and want them to draft a big guy and actually play him. Arnett Moutrie would be a good fit on paper, but whoever they get I hope they actually use.

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#4: Beal, Barnes, MKG in the order. They'll get one if they dont trade out

#24: Royce White if he does fall, Doran Lamb, Quincy MIller. Whomever is there at that spot

#33, 34: Wroten, Ezeli, Cunningham, Barton, Jenkins

So Beal, White, Wroten, Ezeli if they keep at 4 picks. They all have talent, they all fill a void.

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Pick 5. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - Perfect fit in terms of SF need, defense, athleticism, maturity, and work ethic.

Pick 35. Draymond Green- Tweener forward, great passer, works hard and is NBA ready.

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Not a lot of options but I would love Sacre, Plumlee, or really any backup C to replace Johan Petro who is just God awful.

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bulls tony wroten

bulls tony wroten

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Portland Trailblazers

Austin Rivers: I would be perfectly happy if we took this guy #6, I think he's going to be really good, can be the new Brandon Roy of the team.

Bradley Beal: Same as Rivers, we need a SG who can score badly.

Andre Drummond: I'm not exactly in love with this guy, but I think we could def use him if he pans out. Really, we just need him to be force in the middle to rebound and block shots, we have Aldridge to score.

Marquis Teague: He would be a bit of a reach at #11, but I think he'll be the best PG in the class, plus I'm from Kentucky and a UK fan so that explains it lol.

Kendall Marshall: I'm a fan of his, he reminds me of a Andre Miller/Jason Kidd PG, does it all, not explosive, just makes good plays, he can play.

Terrance Ross: If we can't get Rivers, I think he's the 3rd best SG in the draft.

Any other UK player: LOL UK fan so yea, Darius Miller would be a good 2nd rd pick though.


Damian Lillard: Just don't trust him, sorry just got to see him do it against better compitetion.

Meyers Leonard: Way too soft to be a starter.

Tyler Zeller: OK player, but we can get a lot better than him.

Perry Jones: Has talent but won't pan out and doesn't fit on the team.

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Chicago Bulls and Harrison

Chicago Bulls and Harrison Barnes.

If they do manage to trade up and grab him, beware. Rose and Barnes with Noah guarding the middle can be a championship winning trio for years to come.

Alternatively, i want the Cavaliers to grab him. Again its a more than interesting young nucleus that can lead to at least multiple playoff appearances.

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I am a Sixers fan and

I am a Sixers fan and wouldn't mind Moultrie but I would prefer PJ3 or Terrance Jones if they are still around.

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I want Toronto to draft Austin rivers so we can be a more uptempo team. Imagine rivers leading a fast break with derozan and ed Davis with him and bargnani trailing for a wide open 3.SCARY

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Spurs at #57.

Bernard James please. He's 6'11", and that's all we need, really.

Who cares if he's 27.

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The Bucks need to take Perry Jones at 12... I think he is gonna turn into a stud... the second round either Festus Ezeli or Evan Fournier..

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wizards # 3 i want Thomas Robinson i think he is the more nba ready out of MkG or Brady beal.

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21. Andrew Nicholson

22. Quincy Miller

51. Bernard James

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Pick 21-Doron Lamb-Ray Allen's probably not returning to Boston so they need a dead eye shooter to try to replace him. Doron Lamb is arguably the best or 2nd best shooter in the class and can also play some point guard if need be.

Pick 22-Andrew Nicholson-He can come in immediately and produce. If Brandon Bass and Jeff Green leave via free agency he can be a good inside out player that can provide many of the things they did.

Pick 51-Bernard James-Get another big body inside to take some minutes out of Kevin Garnett during the regular season. He's got the toughness and intensity that the C's love.

These are picks assuming the Celtics want to give one last chance at a championship, if not I can see them drafting hig upside guys like Quincy Miller or Perry Jones (if he falls).

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1. John Jenkins 2. Doron Lamb

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#9 Pistons
1) Perry Jones- Has size athleticism and potential, aware of weaknesses and has taken it to heart. I could care less about the red flags I feel we need to take a risk here and Jones is the guy Im most willing to bet on, Pistons need star power and high potential prospects to shape our team and form a good nucleus moving forward. If however, we were a contender than I'd be ok drafting a complimentary player but since we're not, I think we should roll the dice

2) Meyers Leonard - Another guy with obvious red flags but with obvious potential I choose to ignore them. See abive for details.

3) Jeremy Lamb - I understand if I get a little flame for this especially given his *ahem* recent interview but hear me out. Yes I acknowledge the fact that adding him would further crowd our already crowded back court but thats only if you consider Ben Gordon to be a part of our future. Once he's gone who will fill the bench role? This might be an ideal situation for him since he can be stashed on the bench for maybe a season or two and develop.

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I hope the Grizzlies are looking mostly at Draymond Green, Will Barton, and Doron Lamb. Lamb would give them 3 point shooting and some defense. That would help us out. WB has more upside but is more volatile to evaluate. He might be the wing scorer/creator that we need next to Rudy Gay. ... Draymond Green worked out for us. He can do a lot of things well and I think he would be perfect backup to Zach Randolph. I think those two along with Marc Gasol and Dante Cunningham would be a great interior core for us. ... we could then let Mo Speights and Darrell Arthur go, then spend money on a backup center either Haddadi or someone else.

I like Fab Melo too, as a shot blocker and inside threat. I don't think we worked him out though, and we might need more scoring/3 point shooting instead.

We also need help at point guard, but I would rather have us address that in free agency. I would like a pass-first veteran like Andre Miller more. Of the point guard prospects though, Marquis Teague would be ok, if he were still on the board. Not sure we worked him out though.

So my top guys are Doron Lamb in terms of need and fit, Draymond Green in terms of talent, skill-set, and best fit for our Grit-Grind, pound it inside philosophy, and Will Barton as an upside guy who went to college here and had some of the best stats of any college player this year. He has a real flair for the game too. Those are basically my top 3 guys -- all three worked out for us too. John Jenkins is a shooter and is fairly long so he could be pretty good for us. He also worked out for us, but I am not sure how he, or any other of the potential draftees, did in the workouts.

My two favorite guys outside the lottery are Draymond Green and Will Barton. I hope those two go to teams with a good fit. If Green doesn't come here, I think he would do well on OKC. OKC has few holes, but they could use an interior player who can score, pass, and create. They can run some offense through him and he also has some range on his shot. He could play the 4, and maybe some 3. He would be an ideal third big going forward along with Perkins and Ibaka. Draymond Green is basically a bigger version of James Harden, which I like.

I think Will Barton would be a good starting shooting guard with the Bulls. He would be good with Derrick Rose. It might not be the most ideal fit, but I would like to see Barton in Miami as a backup to D Wade. Just throw him out there with Wade, LeBron, Chalmers, and Bosh and just let 'em run and free lance. But I think the Heat need a center more with Fab Melo and Festus Ezelli being good options.

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Miami.. I would really enjoy


I would really enjoy it if they took Festus Ezeli at 27. He's 6'11'' 265, a space-eater and has the potential to be a really solid defensive presence. Miami could use a decent center badly.

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Sixers Fan

The 2 other sixers fans that posted on this, Courtny White is in love with Terrence Ross. Sixers really want him, I figured they would go after an Elton Brand replacement with Arnett Moultie,PJIII, or Terrence Jones. The Sixers either couldn't get any of these guys in for a privite workout or never attempted, kidda suspect if they were attempting to draft for team needs.

I'd rather see Philly go after one of the three power fowards I mentioned, however I believe they want Terrence Ross to have a SG, and move Evan Turner to SF. But the team needs is a Shooter and an Elton Brand replacement. My only logical idea as of why they haven't brought in any big man first round guys is being they are sold on signing a free agaent PF ala Kris Humphis(maybe)

Also highlighted workout for potential first rounders consisted of Mo Harkless and Quincy Miller, Guessing thats only if Iggy was traded and both seem like a little reach.

My 3 i'd pick.

15th...Any athletic power foward left, all could work the pick n roll. Arnett Moultie,PJIII, or T Jones

45th...Toss up between two SG/SF shooters, Alex Young or Hollis Thompson. Thompson had the shooting edge however Young is better at getting to the basket, and more athletic.

54th...Any Combo PG/SG, Tu Halloway makes sence, Milek Waynes, Scoop Jardine as secondary options. Or I highly doubt but Scott Machado if he is availible.

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Toronto Raptors

#1 -- anyone but Jeremy Lamb --> He's still a little boy. Inconsistent Jump Shooter. Pick when he wants to play with energy. Just not a fan

#2 -- Austin Rivers --> Too much individual talent to pass up at a position of need. They're desperate for a scorer. He'll play d eventually; he won't wanna make his dad look bad

#3 -- Terrence Ross --> My gut tells me underrated. Might end up being the most consitent of all the wings in this class

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TORONTO #8:Tier 1: Lamb /

TORONTO #8. I think you always go for best player available. Looking for a potential superstar:

Tier 1: Lamb / Beal

Tier 2: Perry Jones (might as well go all in)

Tier 3: Meyers Leonard / Sullinger / Moultrie

I like Jeremy Lamb in particular. I think he's a low risk / high reward pick. He already has great offensive ability in terms of pick and roll offense, shooting off screens, etc. He also has that deadly floater which will be very useful on the next level. Beal is up there with him. Realistically the raptors will get one of these guys or whoever falls out of the current projected top 6

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MKG falling to #5 would be a dream come true for the Kings. In the 2nd I'd like to see them get Scott Machado and add a true PG into the backcourt mix.

In free agency go hard after Jeff Green to shore up the frontcourt and add another good character guy to go with MKG.

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Spurs #59 Scott Machado Can

Spurs #59

Scott Machado

Can be a back-up for Tony Parker.

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spurs already have their backup to Tony Parker. His name is Patty Mills and he is a REALLY REALLY good player.

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Bulls, best SG available.

Bulls, best SG available. Hopefully one of these three.

Doron Lamb, John Jenkins, Evan Fournier

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I read somewhere in the last day or two that Mills might opt out. Sorry can't be more specific - but I agree he's a good player and the Spurs should be motivated to keep him if he does.

DeShawns Potential
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1. Andre Drummond- I just feel that he has the most potential, and what else do we have to lose?

2. Harrison Barnes- We really need to score, and I think if we could get Brian Shaw as coach, he would do well in the triangle.

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My team is Toronto 8th pick-

My team is Toronto

8th pick- Perry Jones, I know he has bust potential but I have really liked what I have read about him since he left Baylor. I think Casey is great coach for him also. The kid has all the talent in the world, and I know we want every guy to figure it out right away but thats not reality. Some guys just take a little longer to get it and I think he is just one of those guys.

I also hope we make trade to get back in to 20's of first round and grab Wroten, if not

2nd is all about best player available

37th pick-Darius Miller, Tyshawn Taylor

56th pick-Miles plumlee, Robert Sacre

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