Who Is Your Favorite Scorer Of The Past Decade.

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Who Is Your Favorite Scorer Of The Past Decade.

Who is your favorite scorer of the past decade by The way that they score, and how They scored. Who was the Players that You taken moves from and try to imitate your Game like.

I had a few, One of them is Jamaal Crawford when he was playing for New York. One of my hometown heroes and that crossover on Kirk hinrick one of my favorite plays ever. He could do anything you want in a shooting guard. He only had one year he scored +20 pts per game but he was/still is a huge factor in any game he plays in

Tracy Mcgrady for Orlando is kind of like Kevin durant for Okc without Westbrook.. Vintage. All of his years in Orlando you could say he was arguably the Best Scorer in the nba. He could do it all offensively. And the game against the spurs 13pts in under a minute. And still to this day I remember watching Tracy Mcgrady Puttuing his back into David robinson and dunking on him. One of my fave dunks

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Paul Pierce. Not the most

Paul Pierce. Not the most athletic guy, but he plays at his own pace and is one of the craftiest guys there is.

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Durant, his 3's are so pure

Durant, his 3's are so pure and he has unlimited range. I also like watching Steph Curry on offense.

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Allen Iverson

Really enjoyed watching Iverson break down defences at his size with his slight build. Saw that dude get knocked down and get right back up and carry on like a true warrior night in and night out.

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Nuff' said.

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Parker and Curry

The two players I enjoyed watching score this past year would be Curry and Parker. When Curry is on he is arguably the best scorer in the league and his combination of outside shooting and crafty floaters are a lot of fun to watch. Parker's midrange game is practically automatic and it is fun to watch him operate anywhere from the midrange and in. In terms of mimicking a players move, I love doing Manu's euro step and Pierce's free throw line extended step back.

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As a Knicks fan I say

Carmello and Durant.

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Iverson, and Lebron but he's

Iverson, and Lebron but he's not a Pure scorer as he thrives on other things also

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A Few

Tmac and Gilbert Arenas were my favs in the past decade and my playing style is a bit like Gilbert's but as of recent Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving are two that ive been watching a lot

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Right now my favorite guy to

Right now my favorite guy to watch is Kevin Durant. Even though he gets a lot of flack, I really like watching Russell Westbrook's reckless abandon on every play.

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vince carter, agent0, stat

vince carter, agent0, stat

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Dirk Nowitzki. Probably as

Dirk Nowitzki. Probably as unstoppable as anyone in history when he got on a roll. His jumpshot was perfection when he was healthy. And he might be the most underrated player of the last decade. By win score, he's rated 16th All time, right above Kobe. Has an MVP, a title and a 50-40-90 season.

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Kobe 81 pt game where he


81 pt game where he didn't even get after it until the second half where he brought his team back from a double digit defect and dropped 55 in the final 24 minutes. I dint thunk we will ever see that again.

Multiple 60 pt games in one season

Outscored the mavs 62-61 all by himself for 3 quarters before sitting out the whole 4th.

Over 40 ppg for an entire month

Ten 50 pt games in 1 season. ( did the entire league even combine for ten 50 point games last year?)

Has every offensive tool in the book. Post game, jumper, left hand, you name it.

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I'm not a Laker fan in

I'm not a Laker fan in anyway, but I have to agree with you on Kobe.

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Definitely Paul Pierce! He's

Definitely Paul Pierce! He's just so crafty and nonathletic to the eye but somehow manages to create space for his shots

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I always have respect for

I always have respect for guys who know how to run off screens for a catch and shoot too. Guys like Reggie, Rip, Peja. They were never the most athletic guys, but could always get open. Pure basketball IQ

Also Tim Duncan's bank shot is near automatic. Everyone knows its coming and he still does it. I don't recall anyone ever using the glass as well as he does.

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I agree with the Vince carter

I agree with the Vince carter suggestion, when he was in Toronto he was so fun to watch. Not the best player, not even the best scorer but definitely my favourite. Still remember the eastern conference playoff against iverson's sixers, so fun to watch!

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Dirk I think there are not a


I think there are not a lot of players who mastered scoring the way he did. Combine this with an incredible efficiency and has to be there.

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Sweetest mid range game. The jumper is so pure then he can bang inside. Really a master at one on one scoring and amazing to watch

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Big fan of Arenas since the college years

He would get unconscious. MJ with his post game and fade away was always a pleasure to watch. Muhamed abdul Rauf too.

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T MAC had a rare skill set. He had size, speed, and he was creative as an offensive weapon and a play maker. in the mid 2000s he was right up there with Kobe as the best scorer in the NBA. His 13 points in 33 seconds is not given the recognition it deserves. That was simply remarkable.

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PG Derrick Rose SG Kobe

PG Derrick Rose
SG Kobe Bryant
SF Kevin Durant
PF Dirk Nowitzki
C Yao Ming

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I know he isn't necessarily a

I know he isn't necessarily a scorer, but Steve Nash was definitely my favorite guy to watch of this past decade. Him, T-Mac, and Dirk.

And I still believe that for a couple of years, T-Mac was better than Kobe.

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Actually in the past decade!

I'll choose Shaq or Tim Duncan when they were battling it off in the playoffs they both scored well ;). Oh 2003

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Kobe and Iverson. I could

Kobe and Iverson. I could name several others like T mac, Dirk, etc. But Kobe was the closest thing I had to Jordan since I never got to watch Jordan play(I watch any Jordan game if it ever gets shown etc), and when Kobe was on fire, he was amazing to watch.

Iverson will be my favorite player for a long time, I don't know how anyone would surpass him. Iverson gets no credit for being a 6'0 guy who was one of the greatest scorers ever. He had an arsenal of moves(an absolutely deadly crossover) and did every one with such fluidity he not only fooled the defense but also fooled you. He could score in so many ways and was just amazing to watch.

This is why I am going to watch Kyrie a lot, he's no Iverson, but he's got some deadly moves and can score in many ways.

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Too young to witness prime

Too young to witness prime Jordan, so don't slam me.

Vince Carter, pre injury Gilbert Arenas, T-Mac, Iverson.

I'm sure it must have been awesome watching Wilt in his prime too.

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Durant and Melo are such

Durant and Melo are such great shooters for their size and length. While being able to score from the midrange and inside also. Who doesn't love to watch Melo when he is on fire? He starts hitting crazy shots. Steph Curry I also one of my favorite players and its pretty amazing watching someone score so much while beraly jumping.

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melo, steph curry, d rose,

melo, steph curry, d rose, and dark horse was austin rivers in highschool

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Not really a "scorer"

But Tim Duncan has almost always been my favorite guy to watch on offense. Seems almost effortless with the way he works from mid-range or in the post. More recently though it has transitioned to Kevin Durant. Guy just seems the closest thing to Larry in that it seems like once he takes a step past half court, he's in range.

It's very selfish, but the playoffs really spoiled me and wants to see what Durant can do without Westbrook. I know some have argued that could help the Thunder, but I really don't care about that: I just want to see Durant scoring more :P

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Let me see

Best Scorers Past Decade 2000-2013


Point Guard: Derrick Rose, Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, Baron Davis, Gilbert Arenas(the last guys i mentioned i still miss them in their primes lol)

Shooting Guard: Kobe, Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade

Small Forward: T-Mac, Carmelo, Durant, Vince Carter

Low Post/Paint

Power Forward: KG, Tim Duncan, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Webber

Center: Shaq, Al Jefferson,

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My All Time List

All Time

PG: Kevin Johnson was a 20 point 10 assist guy he dunked with authority
SG: MJ and Kobe
SF: Nique and Bird
PF: McHale
C: Hakeem

Honorable mentions: Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Big O, AI

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I used to love watching games

I used to love watching games when T-mac was on the court. Kobe used to be fantastic and probably the best scorer during that time (and I'm a Lakers fan), but T-mac was more entertaining IMO. I mean... those 13 points in 35 seconds... unbelievable!

I used to follow Dirk and Paul Pierce a lot, too. Some people don't remember, but Stojakovic was a 20ppg player the first half of the past decade. Good memories!

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