Who is your 2010-2011 MVP?

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Who is your 2010-2011 MVP?

I'm starting up this MVP thread just because I'm bored and it's always fun/interesting to talk about this subject.

Canadaites in no particular order:

Derrick Rose

Dirk Nowitzki

Dwight Howard

Kobe Bryant

Lebron James

Kobe Bryant is on the list every year because he is the best player of this league and ends up winning the championship most of the time. Only reason he's not my MVP is because he has too trees in the post and other great role players. Besides, the Lakers haven't been there best this year. Kobe MVP time is in the playoffs. He is consistent in the season, but not enough to win the overall award. A Lakers team without Kobe will still be in the playoffs in the West and probably would be a top 6 team in the East. I really don't want to talk about Kobe which is why I'm not gonna go in depth with him lol.

Obviously, the race isn't too close this year besides the top 3 candaites who are, "in my opinion", Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki, & Dwight Howard. I left LeBron out of my top 3 because I'm very critical of naming a player the "MVP" who is on a team that has another player who is in the same breath as far as overall production is concerned. LeBron is a better overall player than Wade, but Wade isn't too far behind. Also, without LeBron I feel as though a Heat team, with both Wade & Bosh as their primary players, would still be a top 4 or 5 team in the East & maybe even top 3 if they used that LeBron money to sign other role players. LeBron's impact is great seeing the Heat are a better team than they are last year, but they're not even the best team in the league so he loses votes there. He also loses points for the fact that team Heat team is no sub-par Cavs team, meaning that he isn't doing as much for this team as he was with the Cavs.

Dwight & Dirk deserve to be in the top 3 for obvious reasons & this really shoudn't even be discussed, but I'll still entertain it. Without Dwight, the Magic would be at the bottom of the Eastern conference among the likes of the Pacers & Sixers & maybe even the Bobcats. Basically, what Patrick Ewing said. Dwight's interior defense is a major factor for the Magic and they wouldn't be top 5 in defense without him. Defense wins games. End of story. The fact that Dwight is providing solid offense and better than he has in years only adds to his argument. With better role players, the Magic should be top 3 in the Eastern Conference, if not the entire league. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, his fellow Magic teammates are taking head to his leadership as much as they should be which is why they're struggling as of late. The win against Miami was a statement for them, so maybe with more consistent play from his team, Dwight might be able to win the award if the team finishes strong. But again, this is a "Season MVP" and not a 2nd half award.

Dirk has been exactly what he was every season before this. The only difference is that his shooting percentages are higher this year. The Mavericks are an overall better team though because of their recent additions to their team. Tyson Chandler is the one that stands out the most obviously because he's had a huge impact for them defensively and providing solid work on offense as well. The reason why Dirk is in this discussion is because of his productivity, and for the fact that for some strange reason, the Mavs can't seem to win a single game without him. At least that's been the case this season and this is even against sub-par teams. If I'm not crazy, I think they lost to the Bucks which is inexcusable considering who is on that roster. Losing Caron Butler at the time didn't help, but still, they should have been able to win a few games. This goes to show that there is a certain quality about Dirk that helps this team win and I believe it may be his leadership or it could be that he draws that much attention to the point where it creates better opportunities for other players on the team. Regardless, the Mavs are top 3 in the league and they couldn't be there without Dirk. That's big.

Last, but not least, is Derrick Rose, who is my MVP canadaite. Rose has been playing at an elite level. His stats have improved acrossed the board with exception to his field goal percentage. But, what has to be taken into account the most, is how much this Bulls team has improved when Rose was given quality players to play with and lead. Coach Thibs has gotten this team to play together well and play great defense-2 crucial factors to winning. They're top 4 in the league at this point and arugubably the best defensive team in the league. But, this couldn't have be all without the likes of Derrick Rose. Rose has been the glue piece for this team. He has saved them countless times and put them into a position of power in the Eastern Conference. Rose has stepped up to the competition and has played well, if not dominantly, in most games against the upper-tier teams. The most popular game being the Bulls' big wins against the Spurs & Lakers. His overall impact, provided by his dominant play late in games is the reason why the Bulls are one of the best teams in the league & he is doing it at the point guard position which is argubably the most important and difficult postion in basketball next to the center position. Simply put, Rose has been the most important player for his team this season that are amongst the top teams in the league. Without him, the Bulls probably wouldn't be in the playoffs or maybe just at the bottom of their conference. Rose has done much more with much less

Rose is mine. Who are your MVP's?

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For Kobe to win MVP the

For Kobe to win MVP the lakers have to finish with the best record since its whats really expected of a team with a roster like that. I dont think you can give it to Lebron since MVP's dont let their team lose 4 close games in a row like this and they should be able to win games late. Dwight is a possibility because he is so valuable for the magic, but he cant hit free throws which is what is killing his chances for the award imo. I wouldnt give it to Dirk cause that team has a good roster and i just dont see him being as valuable to tha team as the rest of these guys are to theirs. D Rose is my pick for MVP and its pretty easy right now. His team is great defensively, their winning games against great teams, their winning close games and hes stepping up to do so. Derrick Rose not getting MVP at this point in the season would be a crime.

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THE DERRICK ROSE! Half of the games he has won have been without Boozer or Noah. He is a champ!

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For me, it's Dwight with Rose

For me, it's Dwight with Rose a CLOSE second.

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how is dh12 MVP??? the magic

how is dh12 MVP???

the magic have been i think mostly underachiveing this yr

for me it's easily rose... not becuz ima prisoner of the moment with the bulls getting a huge win in miami

but becuz the bulls are vastly improved from last yr, rose has taken his game to elite status, and hes done it with injuires to main guys

hes been great when it counts

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Rose WILL win

but I honestly have to go with Dwight. Just ask yourself this when comparing Rose and Howard, if you take them away for the team, can that TEAM win?

The Bulls would have Watson starting there but still have Deng to give 20 points, Carlos to give 20 points and Noah being a defensive difference maker. Not to mention, playing 16 games in the Central division (worst division IMO) is pretty sweet. Take D-Rose out of the equation and that team is possibly an 8-10 seed. Rose can score with the best of them, but there has been a numerous amount of games where Rose just lets Deng and Boozer get theirs and he just takes it easy.

The Magic would have a bunch of underachievers AND NO DIFFERENCE MAKER on defense. That team, as evidence by that 89-85 loss to Portland tonite, can be competitive but they will get eaten up inside and may quite possibly be the worst defensive team in the league. Add that with the fact that they have to play ATL 4 times and MIA 4 times along with chartlotte and an up and coming Wizards team, that division is pretty competitive. Dwight does miss free throws, but then again, he is the main reason why they get and shoot a high 3 point percentage zo it balances it out. I feel bad for Dwight for being in his prime, having a great season, but that team around him is past their prime and they cannot get win a chip with that team. I will be glad when he leaves after his contract is done

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Howard - 24pts / 14rebs / 2.3

Howard - 24pts / 14rebs / 2.3 blocks / 60% fg

The Bulls have won a whopping 4 more games than the Magic. Rose's supporting cast is better.

If Rose wins, he will be the youngest player ever to win it. He will get one, but I just prefer Dwight this year. They unquestionably mean the most to their teams.

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Rose will become the youngest

Rose will become the youngest MVP ever. He and the Bulls keep getting better with every game and he is starting to pull away with the award. For this season, no one has been more valuable to his team.

The media loves him, the Bulls are a top 4 team and he plays in a huge market.

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uhh, rose - but can we please

uhh, rose - but can we please show amare love man. he brought NY basketball back. and even though theyre still not great theyre much better this year than last meaning one thing, amare is a beast. AND, if you wanna talk about supporting cast, the knicks cast was awful, and we can even play the little take away your superstar and what do you get. well take amare away and you get the knicks of last year.

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I'm going with Dwight Howard.

I'm going with Dwight Howard.

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Rose should win.

Rose should win.

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my biased opinion is kobe

my biased opinion is kobe bryant. Doubt he wins though becasue the lakers are supposed to be great and they have kinda been so so. But if the lakers can make a serious run down the stretch he can still get it. Hes better offensively and defensively then rose. Scores more shoots a higher percentage turns the ball over less and is a better defender. They just have different standards becasue if kobe drops 30 it was just another night ho hum, rose is the new thing on the block.

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The Poster Machine aka

The Poster Machine aka Derrick Rose.

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D-Rose will be this year's MVP


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I got to go with Dwight Howard

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It's between Rose and

It's between Rose and Dwight.

You take Dwight off of the Magic and that team crumbles, especially defensively. They're a top defensive team only because of Dwight.

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its between rose and dh12

id vote for howard for the same reason already mentioned if u take him off the magic they are one of the worst teams in the league u take rose off the bulls theyd still make the playoffs with deng booz and noah leading the way

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I was leaning toward LeBron

But I think that Derrick Rose has become the front runner by a good margin. He is playing great basketball and has the Bulls as a top level team. They made some significant additions this season, but Rose's improved play is the ultimate catalyst for where they are right now. Just an incredibly impressive season and I think he has become the player to beat.

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my boy
Derrick Rose is my MVP
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DRose is MVP

Derrick Rose has GOT to be the MVP this season. This is simple. Look at the number of games where he has singlehandedly put the team on his back and got the W. I think back going onto and seeing the Bulls winning YET ANOTHER GAME. I look at the box score. Rose has 20-30 points and 5-10 assists. What does the rest of the team have? From multiple times I've looked, most everyone on that team is underachieving. Deng has been a great role player but he is only quietly averaging like 17 points per game. Sure he knocked down that shot against the Heat a while back to win but other than that he tends to disappear in the 4th quarter. Noah has been a great defensive presence on the interior and has rebounded the hell out of the ball and has made those hustle plays all year when he's healthy, but he doesn't have that offensive game that would be suited with anyone besides like CP3 or Rose because he rebounds and does put backs or dunks. Not enough versatility in his game to be a big factor. Boozer, the person that would elevate this team this year and help Rose develop has been solid. He's had good games and off games but he's still putting up about 18/7. Not bad.

But if you take Rose off that team, they're losing 25 points, 4 rebounds, and 8 assists per game. Not to mention all the leadership and passion he brings to the team. I like what someone said earlier about him being the glue of this team holding it all together. He is what's making this team thrive. When the Bulls are on offense, ALL eyes are on him. When he goes on a little run scoring two buckets himself he starts to get his teammates involved and gets everyone else going too. To me, he is the most important player to his team, without him, they would maybe be an 8th seed, but most likely drop out of the playoffs and be somewhere around 10-12.

I won't forget about DH12. But look at the numbers of him compared to Kevin Love. No real big differences except on defense. Love has 20 points, 3 assists, and close to 16 rebounds a game. Howard has 23 points, 1 assist, 14 rebounds. The only difference is that Howard has 2 blocks and 1 steal per game and Love has neither (although Love shoots the ball much better from the ft line and behind the arc which gives him some consideration but his team sucks so he's out of the question).

Those 2 blocks and 1 steal is what makes the Magic what they are, an elite NBA team. Not huge flashy numbers but it's what his presence is. Who wants to go into the paint on a drive to get confronted by him. He spikes people's shots down like he's playing volleyball. His defensive presence is huge and without it, this team would be about as good as the Wolves. But what they do have is what seems like millions of shooters on that team. JJ Reddick, J.Rich., Arenas, Nelson, Ryan Anderson, Hedo, Duhon, and Quentin Richardson. Without Howard they'd be like the Suns from years past with all the run and gun offense and shooting early in the shot clock and not putting effort into defense. But that team could still make the playoffs as an 8th seed (Golden State did it in Nowitski's MVP year).

Kobe is Kobe. But he isn't MVP. He has a great team anyway, take him out they'll still be good. He's what makes the Lakers champions. He's the reason why Pau and Bynum and Odom have rings. Because without him, they'd fizzle out in the second round. But they'd still make the playoffs.

Dirk is the other player that deserves consideration because it seems like all this team can do is win. They have so many role players and so many talents on that team that if they played the Heat, they'd hand them a 10 point loss, which they have. The thing is, even without Dirk, a healthy Mavericks team still has Kidd, Terry, Butler, Marion, Chandler, Stevenson, Beaubois, Peja, Barea, and the new addition of Brewer. That many good players and this team is still at least an 8 seed in a powerful Western Conference. They have not too many offensive weak points with that team or too many defensive weak points. With Dirk they just become an elite team. Like conference championship level or maybe even NBA champions depending on how they keep playing.

Lastly, Lebron. He's a phenomenal player and arguably one of the best to ever play the game. Any other time he'd get recognition and receive the MVP, like the last two years. But like said before take him off the Heat, they're still good because they still have Wade and Bosh, two superstars. Take Lebron off the Cavs... Well we've seen what happens there (so I guess those two MVP's were rightfully given). But for him to win this award, he'd be having to put up ridiculous numbers. And I mean RIDICULOUS numbers to be considered.

Overall, Derrick Rose is a leader on his team and is the glue that keeps his team together. It should honestly come down to Rose and Howard but if he keeps up this spectacular play, he WILL win the MVP this year.

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The way D-Rose is playing and

The way D-Rose is playing and has the Bulls running at this point is pretty impressive. He def. has my vote for MVP at this point.

That being said,

I really really gained alot of respect for D12 when he called out that cast he has in ORL and basically said he doesnt believe they are giving it their all. Finally he seems to be taking this seriously and is starting to get fed up with the horseplay. To be the ultimate leader, like a Kobe or MJ, you need to make your team act like professionals and give 100% every play on both sides of the ball. I kind of think Rose is doing that to some extent this year and thats why he has my vote. D12 could possibly make things interesting if his squad gets their act together.

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My opinion? 1. Rose 2.

My opinion?

1. Rose

2. Howard

3. Dirk

4. Kobe

5. Lebron/Wade

Honorable Mention: Amar'e, Manu, Aldridge, Durant, Rondo

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1.Dwight(See Derrick

1.Dwight(See Derrick Rose)

2.Rose(Would be higher but Dwight has been hear before and ultimately has deserved it longer)

3.Kobe(Making a late push. If they dominate the second half of the season he could sneak in.)

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