Who you with: The President or The Kid President?

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Who you with: The President or The Kid President?

By now, we know that president Barack Obama is a major hoops fan and makes his picks for March Madness every year. This years version of "Barack-etology":

However, they also brought in a less familiar president, who was hugely entertaining and made some interesting choices:

Obama's Final 4: Louisville, Ohio State, Florida, Indiana

Obama's Runner-up: Louisville

Obama's Champion: Indiana

Will let you watch the Kid President's picks yourself. Much more entertaining, not completely out of the question. Thought that his was pretty funny, though I probably side a little more with the President, especially as we have the same champion.

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The kid

The kid

Dale Worthington
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The kid is cooler.

The kid is cooler.

Chilbert arenas
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I should of had Makquetle in

I should of had Makquetle in my final four

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