Who Ya Got?

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Who Ya Got?

1. Stephen Curry vs. Kyrie Irving

2. Damien Lillard vs. John Wall

3. Bradley Beal vs. Victor Olidapo

4. DeAndre Jordan vs. Derrick Favors

5. Marc Gasol vs. Roy Hibbert

This isn't one-on-one, this is 'who would you rather have' for now and in the future.

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1.Kyrie Irving




5.Marc Gasol

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Curry, Lillard, Oladipo, Favors (barely), Gasol

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Irving, Wall, Beal, Favors

Irving, Wall, Beal, Favors and Hibbert.

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Curry - He's a better

Curry - He's a better shooter, passer and can also play without the ball. Only think Irving does better to me is dribble, but it's not like Curry doesn't break ankles and change up his pace with the dribble. Both guys average the same turnovers and neither can really defend. Irving may be better in the future, but right now it's Curry.

Wall - Lillard is a better shooter and I like the change of pace he plays with offensively, but I just feel Wall is a more dynamic player, plus he's a better passer. Not saying Wall is a great defender, but I like him better at that end too.

Beal - This is easy. It's Beal as of right now, but let's see how Oladipo develops.

Favors - Jordan plays more explosive and with a higher motor, but I think Favors is a better player and has shown more improvement in a season than Jordan has shown in three or four. Favors can do more than just dunk offensively and can actually make 60% of his free-throws.

Gasol - He isn't the shot blocker or rim protector Hibbert is, but I think Gasol moves he feet better. And when it comes to offense, Hibbert isn't a bum, but Gasol is clearly a better passer and just more skilled at that end. You could go either way to be honest because Hibbert's ability to protect the rim and be a legit defensive anchor is huge.

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Curry - More efficient,

Curry - More efficient, better off-the-ball, just fits better into a team offense. Irving is tremendously talented, but he isn't yet a player of Curry's tier

Wall - Much better slasher and passer. Wall may be the best in the league at the drive-and-kick game. Lillard is extremely solid, but Wall is just the more dangerous offensive player

Oladipo - Beal may be better now since Oladipo is a rookie, but by this time next year, Oladipo should have overtaken him. Beal is a very solid player, but Oladipo has all-star potential. Oladipo's ability to finish at the rim is pretty special and is just relentless slashing on-and-off the ball.

Favors - More upside on the offensive end and much better defender than Jordan. Plus, Favors is not nearly as reliant on his athleticism and has a better feel for the game.

Hibbert - Toughest decision of them all. I just feel Hibbert has more room to grow, given his raw power down low. And Hibbert's defensive ability is even better than Gasol's. Gasol's shooting ability and ability to function as a stretch-5 is valuable, but Hibbert is quickly catching up to him on the offensive end of the floor.

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I think I'd go: Kyrie: I

I think I'd go:

Kyrie: I really like elite ball handlers and I think it's an extremely underrated weapon in terms of how we value players.

Wall: His athleticism is game changing. I hope he develops a jumper (which he probably won't) because he'd be unstoppable.

Olidapo: I think he'll be the top SG in five years.

Jordan: But it's tough because I haven't seen Favors play so pretty much discount this pick.

Gasol: You can run your offense through him and that's just a tremendous plus for him over Hibbert.

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