Who would've guessed

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Who would've guessed

I made a thread last night about sterling punishment and got negged but today a wake up and read about Magic actually really trying to purchase the Clippers and the owners forcing Sterling to sell. Below are the links to the article and from my thread I had a feeling this would be coming

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Well that settles it

You must be physic.

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So this lady knows Magic and

So this lady knows Magic and she basically sets up Sterling?

This is a strange story.

If Magic does end up with the team I hope the thing is 100% above board.

Another question: how much are the Clippers worth? They could break some records. Should be worth AT LEAST a billion.

Sterling walks away with a TON of cash.

Magic Johnson ends up with his OWN franchise in LA.

Yeah, this is basically the year of the living NIGHTMARE for the Lakers. lol

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He will own them much in the

He will own them much in the way he owns the Dodgers... which I think is about 2.5%. He is just a face.

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