Who would you like to see win the lottery? and favorite player in draft?

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Who would you like to see win the lottery? and favorite player in draft?

For me I would like to see the Phoenix Suns get better and being able to pick first would be a great step in that direction.

As for the player I will follow in this draft it has to be Steven Adams (being a fellow New Zealander) I really hope he does our country proud and has a great NBA career. Would love to see him in Dallas!!

Outside if Adams it has to be Oladipo for me, he is just a ball of electricity and I want to see how his work ethic translates at next level. Would love to see him in Pelicans uniform or Suns.

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I actually want Cleveland to

I actually want Cleveland to get the #1 pick because it will bring a lot of mystery and suspense behind it from now until draft day.

As for player I will be keeping close tabs on is maybe Lorenzo Brown because he is not in much discussion as a first rounder. Lorenzo measured at 6'5'' which is kind of an eye opener for me.

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As a Grizzlies fan, I would

As a Grizzlies fan, I would like to see the Raptors get the first pick. Would hate to see the Thunder get the 12th pick and add a big
man. I also like the Raps guys like Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry.

Nerlens Noel could be a great big man to go with Jonas. Then Rudy at the 3 with DeRozan and Ross splitting time at the 2.

Or maybe the Wizards. I would like to see Nerlens turn into a beast. Him and Wall and Beal would be fun.

What about Detroit at 2 with McLemore, Oladipo, and Trey Burke on the board?

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I am a Raptors fan and I don't want them in the top 3 at all this year. I'd like OKC to keep Toronto's pick this year and then next year (in a supposedly stronger draft) the Raptors will have their own pick.

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Id like to see myself in the

Id like to see myself in the lottery. I'm undersized but I'm slow.

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I want to see Orlando win the

I want to see Orlando win the lottery and My favorite prospect in the draft is Lorenzo Brown, he is 6'5 pass first PG who can make everyone around him better. To me he is the best pure pg behind Trey Burke. Another prospect I like is Tim Hardaway Jr, he has a solid all around game and if he goes to a team like Chicago he can step right in and play a pretty good role.

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As always I have to go with

As always I have to go with my favorite prospect since Greg Oden, which is Steven Adams.. I know he will be rising the following days and will most likely be a lottery/mid first round pick, but I would love to see him at San Antonio.

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As a Kings fan of course I'd

As a Kings fan of course I'd love them to win the lotto. Well who wouldn't want their team to win it? Then if they draft Nerlens Noel they could weed out Demarcus Cousins who I'll admit is the best player on the team but he's a cancer to the team. The opposite of a leader, doesn't treat his teammates well and he by far leads the team in technicals, it's like he has no personality. I'm sure if we luck out and draft Noel we could at least get something decent for Cousins if even it's for somebody not as good as him. Then of course there's McLemore who could right away make an impact for the Kings if they can't afford to keep Tyreke. But since they are projected to get the 6th pick, the chances are they won't go 1 or 2. I think they need a SF more than any position or if not that a PG if they keep Evans and Cousins. Otto Porter and Anthony Bennett are my two favorites for them to get and if their both gone by the time the Kings pick (Porter, no matter what if they land 6 or lower) then either Trey Burke or CJ McCollum. I just think Isaiah Thomas is better off as a backup PG kinda like how that role fits Nate Robinson. But man, if we drafted Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard in 2011 instead of Jimmer and Damian Lillard instead of T-Rob last year, the Kings would be nowhere near where they are right now.

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Dipo,Burke, and Shroeder.

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I would like to see the Bobcats win it. They've been very bad for a very long time, and I think they've suffered enough. However, I'm sure the Magic will win the lottery because Stern promised them the #1 pick after the Dwightmare debacle.

2010: Wizards have Gilbert Arenas Problem? Get John Wall.

2011: Cavaliers lose Lebron? Get Kyrie Irving.

2012: Hornets lose Chris Paul? Get Anthony Davis

2013: Magic lose Dwight Howard?


By that logic, either Phoenix or Orlando will nab the #1 pick.

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jazz although there is almost

jazz although there is almost no chance but another team with a little better chance i would like to see in the top three is philly. My favorite player this year is Oladipo, think he will be special. Interested in Giannis and Anthony Bennett too.

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I'd like to see Charlotte

I'd like to see Charlotte win, they've sucked for so's time they get some major help
Unfortunately, they might not even get it in this draft...

As for a favorite player, I'd say Oladipo. Dude is an absolute workhorse...gotta respect that work ethic

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Love to see my Raptors win

Love to see my Raptors win the lottery obviously.

And I want to see CJ McCollum do great, but I'm a sucker for the small school guys.

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Portland, why? Noel can sit

Portland, why?

Noel can sit out and and rest and Leonard can get the time to play and develop. They then have Noel, Lillard, Batum, and Aldridge to build around.I'm not a Blazers fan I just feel bad that they draft two franchise stars.

Favorite player? Trey Burke, love what he and Mcgary did for my hometown state in leading them to the big game

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I want blazers to get it. Crazy as it sounds I would hope they get oladipo. They have(had) a great starting 5 and oladipo would be a great backup to Wes. Favorite player in the draft.. Well for me I'm interested in a rudy gobert. Kind of unknown what he will bring to the nba but you can't teach size and in his case...a wingspan. He puts on some weight he could be great.

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I'd like to see Portland or

I'd like to see Portland or Orlando win. Orlando because of the Dwight bullsh*t, and Portland because I like their core (Lillard, Batum, Aldridge). Put Mclemore on Portland and develop Myers Leonard, look out.

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How about Minnesota? They don't have much of a shot at the 1st pick, but are in desperate need of a SG that can help immediately. I think Rick Adelman and the Wolves would be a great system for Ben McLemore. Can't think of a better match with a healthy Rubio & Love.

Wolves fans deserve the 1st pick in this draft after having to put up with terrible decisions made by the Kahn regime. They also deserve it for the McHale / Joe Smith signing scandal that set the organization back years ago. Plus, the franchise has never received the 1st overall pick even after many losing seasons.

The Flip Saunders era is just getting started, but Adelman will likely retire after this season. The Wolves need to get to the playoffs and McLemore gives them the best chance in this draft. Hook em' up Stern.

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I'll say this : If Sacramento

I'll say this : If Sacramento gets the number 1 this year, it substantiates the lottery conspiracy theories. Much respect guys!

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Obviously I would love the

Obviously I would love the Kings to land the top pick, but I would be happy with anyone who actually pans out.

If not the Kings then I would hope for the Suns to get lucky with the pingpong balls.

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The team I wan to win the lottery is the 76ers. I'm a Warriors fan, but I just feel like after what Bynum did to them, they deserve to get Noel, which looks really good on paper for them.

And I'm a big Shabazz supporter so he's the guy I'll watch, I always love the "steals" of the draft. You know the guys that people kill for no reason when everyone knows they are a top 5 talent but the media just rips into them and scouts try to be the genious who didn't pick the bust.

Like Harrison Barnes and Andre Drummond, an soon to be Bazz.

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Perfect scenario: Suns get #1 pick take Noel. Let him take his time with rehab and team him up with the best athletic trainer in the game in Aaron Nelson. Be right back in the lottery with a top 5 pick next year so when the 2014-2015 season kicks off we have a healthy Noel and possibly Wiggins, Parker, Randal, Smart, Harrison, or Seldon.

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Of course want to see my Cavs go Number 1.
Very interested to see how Anthony Bennetts game transitions to the NBA. Also very excited to see what Giannis Adetokoubo turns into. His size and how he moves has me intrigued.

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Steven Adams churr go kiwis

Steven Adams churr go kiwis haha

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Cleveland. Why? Leverage

Cleveland. Why? Leverage comes with the first pick, who knows what we would do! If not them though definitely Orlando. I live here and honestly ever since D12 left the Magic games are terrible, at least I can afford them though now!

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Would love to see my Kings win the 1st pick. Obviously we need experience so I feel anybody would love to take a #1 pick so I would trade the pick to maybe the Jazz for Paul Milsap or Al Jefferson and there late first rd pick and money or with Nuggets late first rd pick, money and Iguodala or Wilson Chandler. With one of these players the roster we would definitely be headed in a 360 direction instead of the repetitive mistakes we've made for many consecutive years smh. Time for a change

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there are three teams I'd

there are three teams I'd like to see win the NBA Draft Lottery tonight.

1) Orlando Magic- I feel sorry for them having to go through Dwightmare although he is an amazing center.

2) Phoenix Suns- Nash and Grant Hill gone. Will miss when they had Nash, Marion, Amare, Barbosa, Diaw days.

3) Minnesota Timberwolves- injuries to Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love the last few years. If they were to get first pick and draft McLemore that would be huge.

my favorite player in the draft for me is Ben McLemore. I just love his three point shooting and athleticism. I would be super happy if he goes to Orlando. Trey Burke would be my second choice.

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Cavs fan!!!

I would love the Cavs to win and get Noel or stay at #3 and get Porter.

But who I want to see is the Kings get it cause the whole moving and selling ordeal. Get Noel then trade Cousins to Bobcats/Hornets for their pick and a bench guy. So they can draft Mclemore if Evans decides to leave or stays.
PG- Thomas SG- Mclemore SF- Evans PF- Thompson C- Noel. Fastest line up.

My favorite player in the draft would be Snell. Just cause if Cavs get Noel, Cavs can get Snell with the #19 pick. Nice size small forward. Reminds me and scouts of Kawhi Leonard. With a shot and defense would be a steal like Leonard is.
PG- Irving SG- Waiters SF- Snell PF- Thompson C- Noel. Playoffs!!!

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Nerlens Noel to be a shot blocker while Cousins puts all his energy into rebounding and scoring. In a perfect world...but I know it won't happen.

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