Who would you rather watch?

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Who would you rather watch?

So I'm sure most of us on this site are either in their teens or somewhere in college. So I'm assuming most of us haven't seen players like Larry Bird, Magic, Wilkins etc. I wish I was old enough to watch those guys play, but I'm not. All I can do is pretend with my pS3 on 2k12.

Here's my question for young-ins and old guys alike, which of these match-ups would you rather like to see in their prime in a head to head matchup and why:

Larry Bird vs Durant(Technically hasn't hit his prime yet)

Magic vs Lebron

MJ vs Kobe

Stockton vs Nash

Kareem vs Shaq

I'd personally would like to see a match-up of Kobe during his prime days in LA vs MJ when he was killin it with them championships during the 90's. THey had a few match-ups, but not when they were both with their best teams and they were at their greatest potential. I'd also like to see how Shaq on LA would deal with the various Bulls white centers and Horace Grant haha

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Kareem and Shaq, that would

Kareem and Shaq, that would be absolutly amazing, to see Shaq dunking on Kareem, and Kareem shiiting on Shaq with that jumphook, that's a dream matchup.

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MJ and Kobe easy. The 4th

MJ and Kobe easy. The 4th quarters between those teams would be so epic and you just know that they would kill eachother to win.

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Stockton Vs. Nash want to see

Stockton Vs. Nash

want to see stockton's crazy dishes to Malone (i was just 6 years old back then)

want to see pick and roll play with amare/Marion

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Dream vs. Diesel

I know this wasn't on the list but i would really love this two played against each other during their prime. Also Kobe vs. Jordan is a must watch.

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mj kobe is the answer

mj kobe is the answer

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add the fact that if the

add the fact that if the kobester is feeling it... jordan's gonna have a problem to deal with.

i think a prime kobe is the only player who could beat mj 1vs1...

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Scottie Pippen defending

Scottie Pippen defending Kevin Durant

MJ vs Kobe in a close game with 5 minutes to go

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Larry Legend vs. The Durantula

It would be a three point shootout between this two. This head to head matchup would be EPIC.

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Isiah vs iverson

Two of the greatest little guys in the history of the game mano y mano.

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for me its easily kobe and mj

for me its easily kobe and mj

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Dream vs Wilt

Dream vs Kareem

Dream destroyed Shaq and Ewing in the Finals

Any old school PG vs Westbrook 1-on-1 = mismatch

Prime Kobe vs prime Wade

Either of above vs Oscar

David Thompson vs Dominique Wilkins (dunk contest)

Modern PF (Aldridge or Love) vs Mikan

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I would like to see Dwight VS

I would like to see Dwight VS David Robinson, that would be a battle of body builders and HOFs. MJ Kobe is the answer to the question above though. I would love to shut up every idiot Laker fan in Los Angeles who has no argument but just says that Kobe is way better than MJ.

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The Reign Man vs. Big Daddy

The Reign Man vs. Big Daddy Blake, it would be a dunk-a-thon with Blake coming out on top.

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