Who would you rather take on your team?

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Who would you rather take on your team?

So I was thinking about this..

If you were to pick between Courtney Lee and Wesley Mathews.. who would you take?

In my opinion, they are both very similar players and strong defenders and I'm undecided in this. Give me your thoughts.

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Wesley Matthews. In my

Wesley Matthews. In my opinion he has alot of potential.

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They both have holes in their

They both have holes in their games..And better players coming off the bench..

But i love Wesley Matthews Intensity....

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matthews all day long...

matthews all day long...

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Courtney Lee; been watching a

Courtney Lee; been watching a lot of Portland games lately and seeing Matthews ruin good possessions by chucking up shots from range early in the shot-clock when he shoots a terrible percentage beyond the arc. I think Portland vastly overpaid for Matthews and that he doesn't make this team any better at all really. Also, Lee also went head to head with Kobe Bryant his rookie season in the Finals, and seems more athletic, a better shooter from deep and more of a team player.

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I watched Matthews for a

I watched Matthews for a whole year, and even though he brings a lot intensity wise, his potential is not there. Lee can jump, shoot so much better. Matthews may beat him on defense, but not by much. I'm taking Lee.

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