Who Would You Rather Have on Your Team?

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Who Would You Rather Have on Your Team?

So, the nba lockout meetings are not going great(understatement) and I am done feeling bad about it lol I haven't been on this site for awhile, but I'm ready to talk about some basketball again with my fav. forum site!

So, I would like to comeback with a who would you rather have on your team kinda thing:

Who Would You Rather Have On Your Team???

Maalik Wayns or Ashton Gibbs? Maalik Wayns wins this one. He has a combination of strength, quickness, and athleticsim that is matched by not many PG's. His shot needs work, but he has alot of potential. I like Gibbs stroke, but after that he is nothing more than a short scorer to me, although he is very clutch.

Jeremy Lamb or Terrence Ross? Both of these guys are expected to step up their games this year. Lamb to me is a bit overrated on this site. He is a great defender, has a great wingspan, and can spot up for da trey. The key is whether or not he can create his own shot, and we will see if he can this year. Terrence Ross is gonna have to compete for minutes with the talented freshmen Toney Wroten Jr, abdul gaddy back from injury, and cj wilcox, but he will impress people with his talent. I think both of these guys can go in the lottery next year, and both will be essiential parts to their teams, but I think I'd take Lamb.

CJ Leslie or Mason Plumlee? Both are super athletic and come up with plenty or espn top 10 type plays. The problem is, is that both can do a lot more with their talents. I am expecting a big season from CJ leslie. The guy has so much potential, but is inconsistent. I expect another mediocre/average season from Plumlee. I'm not too high on this guy's game. I say CJ Leslie is the better player @ his position

John henson or Thomas Robinson? Ive played plenty of john hensons @ my school's gym. John henson and players like him are players who are ultra-athletic, have somewhat of a good handle for their height, and are thin as hell. John Henson has monster potential, but right now he is more of a anthony randolph type player. Thomas Robinson should have a very good season considering the morris twins are leaving and he is really the only post presence the kansas team will have. But to me i think, Henson is the better player considering his all around type play.

Aaric Murray or Tyler Zeller? Aaric Murray is transferring to WVU and should be a great low post presence for them. Tyler Zeller has proved time after time that he is better than his older brother and has legit post moves and can compete with the big boys. I'd take Zeller all day.

WHo would you guys rather have on your team???

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1.Maalik Wayns 2.Jeremy

1.Maalik Wayns

2.Jeremy Lamb

3.C J Leslie or Mason Plumlee is a tough 1..Leslie looks like a budding star at times..Then at other times he looks like the 2nd coming of Julian Wright...I'm going with Leslie...

4.Henson..I Think Robinson is a little overrated...

5.Zeller can be a star or a bust,he might go late lottery...Murray is a career backup...

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On my Team.

Maalik Wayns or Ashton Gibbs? I'll take Ashton Gibbs, probably because he's my favorite college basketball player lol, but I do have some reasons too. He's not the athlete and doesn't have speed Wayns has, but he's MUCH more composed, at least just as good a playmaker for others (more sound decision maker, and Wayns is more of a scorer than distributor). Ashton Gibb's jump shot is cash and he delivers routinely in the clutch. Makes no mistake from the foul line. Plays fundamental D. Has big-time swagger. Has improved BEAUTIFULLY over his career. Efficient. I think Wayns has more pro potential, but he's a little too wild for my liking, in this matchup at least. He's not a steady floor general, and he is a work in progress as a shooter, finisher, and at playing efficiently in the half-court. I will say this though, Wayns will have a pretty big year for Villanova next year though. He'll have no choice.

Jeremy Lamb or Terrence Ross? Not even close to me. Jeremy Lamb. Terrence Ross has big talent as a scorer due to his quickness, jump shot, and athleticism, but besides that he provides fairly little. Lamb can score from all 3 levels (Ross is a 3-point shooter or at the rim scorer really), he's an unselfish passer (Ross isn't likely to pass much), and he's a more than adequate ball-handler (Ross' handle needs refinement). Lamb also is a much better defender. Lamb will stuff the stat sheet, and he's probably going to provide just as much scoring as Ross. Although in a more well-rounded way. Lamb has proven to be a winning player too with big value.

CJ Leslie or Mason Plumlee? Tough. Both are a little tricky. Both have to put it together mental to progress. I think I'd rather have Plumlee though, not really on production but based on the fact he'll bring some things more defined to the table. Plumlee is a pretty iffy defender, sometimes downlright bad, but he does rebound his area now and he is a serviceable passer from the low or high post. Leslie will probably produce more, but he's too raw as of now. He can do more things as a whole than Plumlee, but what exactly is he better at? I feel that Plumlee is more reliable than him.

John henson or Thomas Robinson? Robinson is a better offensive player, although both need refinement on that end. I don't question that. He can stretch from mid-range or use his strength, athleticism and aggressive nature to bang and finish down low. Henson is a mile ahead on D though. Henson protects the rim SUPER good, and he does so while fouling at a very low rate. Robinson struggles to defend without fouling more than Henson does, and has a raw scene of awareness on the defensive end. Both are about the same level rebounders, which is to say they both are outstanding double-digit board guys, Henson is great offensively on the glass though. I'd rather have a catch and finish guy who defends very well, than a guy who can be foul prone on D even though he probably is better offensively.

Aaric Murray or Tyler Zeller? Easily Zeller. Aaric Murray can be meutralized when he faces bigs his own size, and he can be made into a jump shooter. Zeller runs the floor better than just about every C in college basketball, especially for his size. His jump hook is effective, and he is a solid enough area rebounder. Both of these guys are a little soft (maybe more than a little) and struggle with bangers, but Zeller can compete better against good bigs I feel. Zeller is a bit weak and sometimes he looks stiff, but I want him more than Murray on my team. At least as of now.

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1. Not sure on that one but

1. Not sure on that one but will probably lean towards Wayns.

2. Another tough one, these are guys in totally different situations. Ross played along side others who are similar to him and has a lot of other guards to compete with for PT. Lamb is a golden boy right now, playing in U19, winning championship, gaining experience from playing with a killer like Walker. Ross could end up being the better pro but right now, Lamb is in the better spot. I prob say Ross depending on the team.

3. This one is not close to me, Leslie all day. Plumlee is grossly overated. Him and brothers alike are absolute non-factors offensively. He is tough but his athleticism is overated as well. What does Leslie do better? Nearly everything, its just that NCSU is soooooo bad! Leslie, to his own fault went to NCSU and then had a disappointing season which FORCED him to come back to school. If things were slightly better last year, he wouldve been gone. Leslie is raw but is improving his jumpshot and range, improving as a ballhandler, and he is a very good rebounder despite his frame. With Harrow gone, things dont look much better for Leslie this year either, nevertheless, he is the better player by far but on a team that is much worse.

4. Depends on the team. Henson is much more disruptive and is a game changer on defense, seen him do it many times. Still, Henson is much more of a liability on the offensive end, but he is improving. His free-throw shooting makes him that much more of a liability and he has to be yanked if the game is close with little time on the clock. It really depends on the makeup of your team. I would love to have either but in college, probably Robinson. On the next level, a player like Henson is more rare to find that a Robinson type player.

5. I like Zeller but he is shaky in a lot of areas, particularly his assertiveness and lack of power game. Zeller is a solid player all around but not great at anything.

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Maalik Wayns or Ashton Gibbs?

Maalik Wayns or Ashton Gibbs? i LOVEE Maalik Wayns, love his game, i think hes gonna be this years Kemba/Jonny in the sense that he'll have an amazing college year and riiseee high on the draft boards. I see him having a huge breakout season.

Jeremy Lamb or Terrence Ross? Lamb,its not "obvious", but i think Lamb is easily the better player.

CJ Leslie or Mason Plumlee? Woww, um....i think im gonna go with Leslie, toss-up though

John Henson or Thomas Robinson? This is like asking offense or defense.....i think im gonna take Defense.

Aaric Murray or Tyler Zeller? Zeller.

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1. Gibbs 2. J. Lamb 3.

1. Gibbs

2. J. Lamb

3. Leslie

4. T-Rob

5. Zeller

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