Who would you rather have?

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Who would you rather have?

Wilson Chandler or Nic Batum?

i know its a random question but i feel both are very young SFs with tons of upside...

i think id rather have Chandler because he does it all, not that Batum doesnt but i think Chandlers defense and rebounding help his case.


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For me it depends on what type of team i have. If im young and trying to build or rebuild or need a score i'll take Chandler. But if im a contending team or an up in coming contender i'll take Batum.

To me

Chandler= Rudy Gay, Danny Granger type scores

Batum= Gerald Wallace, Andre Iguadala jack of all trades players

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This is a Coin toss pretty

This is a Coin toss pretty much. But I preferability would rather have Nicholas Batum. He is just a nice define role player, takes what is given to him, guards all the top wing players.

A somewhat a worthy clone of Tayshaun Prince. I'm not saying Chandler isn't any of those. But I would rather Have Nicholas Batum.

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Batum is going to be a stud.

Batum is going to be a stud. He's already a great defender, and has shown his immense potential this year while seeing more minutes than previous years. Plus he's only 22. Give me Batum.

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Both are great but....

I'd have to go with Batum. He's still very young and has got some solid years as a starter on a playoff team already. The guy knows what it takes to win, and he makes a lot of winning plays.

Wilson Chandler is the better scorer at this point in their careers, but Batum is averaging a career high 14.1 PPG this year, including the start of the season when he was coming off the bench with limited minutes. If you take out those games, he's averaging probably close to 16 PPG. For a 23 year old who's obviously going to get better, that's really great.

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It all depends on whose on

It all depends on whose on the team with them

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I like Batum better either

I like Batum better either way, which isn't a slight on Chandler. I just think Batum is a slightly better shooter and a better defender. I'm not making either the centerpiece of a rebuilding effort, but both have very good potential and should be above average starters for years.

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I'd rather have Batum. He is

I'd rather have Batum. He is a above average defender for his position and as previously mentioned above he would be a great role player for a contender. When you look at the big time wing scores Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo, Durant it would be great to have a long defender like Batum to help defend them.

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