Who would u consider a second round steal?

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Who would u consider a second round steal?

So who would you guys think is a steal in the second round pick that could go a long way?

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here are mine:

E'Twaun Moore: If he is given a chance, he could be a great back up in the NBA. Guy is athletic and showed that he can put up the numbers last year. I would love to nab him in the second round

Reggie Jackson: Improved so much this year and apparently he could fall to the Bobcats with their second round pick. Very athletic with good size at the PG position

Keith Benson: Could go to the pistons depending on their first round pick. IMO this guy is a slightly less athletic Deandre Jordan

Greg Smith: Guy is a little heavy, but is a legit post scorer with a variety of moves

Chris Wrightt(Georgetown): Kid might not get drafted at all, but before the injury was considered an early second round pick. Worked out with CP3 early in the year and if CP3 likes him, i like him

Malcom Lee: Elite defender and thats what he will do in this league. has tons of potential like most UCLA guards

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Jackson will be a 1st round

Jackson will be a 1st round pick.... not sure why this site has him so low

I think Cory Joseph will be a steal.. he is still very young only being a nd done and has lots of room to develop and if a team is patient with him he could be a very solid role player a few years down the road.

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Nikola Vucevic
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Jeremy Hazell

Dude can flat out ball good size at the two guard 6'5 decent defensive player i can see him in chi town

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Delroy James and Diante Garrett

Delroy James and Diante Garrett. Both of these players worked out with the Bucks, and Milwaukee was very impressed with Garrett. Apparently Garrett's father played in the NBA for Milwaukee for the 1973-1974 season. The head of scouting guy for the bucks said that Garrett had improved a lot since he started out as a Cyclone, and that he has great size for a point guard, and is great at setting up his teammates as well as being able to score himself. I think Delroy James could be a steal in the late second round. picks 50-60. He has an NBA small forward body, one-on-one skills, and plays with enthusiasm. He could be a servicable guy. Also a guy like Lavoy Allen, who could stick around if he gets drafted, or that is what i've read from just about every Lavoy Allen article.

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Check out my thread

Check out my thread...

post your sleepers and best gambles

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Jajuan Johnson, possible 1st

Jajuan Johnson, possible 1st rounder but I doubt it.

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I think Vucevic is a 1st

I think Vucevic is a 1st rounder too

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Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler

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