Who would have the best lineup?

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Who would have the best lineup?

PG-Tony Parker
SF-Richard Jefferson
PF-Big Baby
C- Duncan
Bench- Roger Mason, George Hill, Blair, McClinton, Bonner, Finley

Bench- Odom, Walton, Vujacic, Farmar

SG-Ray Allen
Bench- Rasheed Wallace, Grant Hill, House, Walker, Giddens, Pruitt, Tony Allen, Lester Hudson

PG-Mo Williams
SG-Anthony Parker
Bench- Big Z, JJ Hickson, Wally, Gibson, Delonte West, Danny Green

SG-Vince Carter
SF-Rashard Lewis
PF-Brandon Bass
Bench- Pietrus, Anthony Johnson, Redick

I'm assuming the following: Glen Davis signs with the Spurs. Brandon Bass goes to Orlando. Grant Hill signs with the Celtics. Odom stays in LA. The Cavs re-sign Varejoa & pickup Anthony Parker. I actually think all these things are going to happen. So if it does happen, who becomes the favorite in each conference? Who wins it all?

I think it would end up Spurs vs. Celtics..... San Antonio wins it all.

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Out of all of them, I would

Out of all of them, I would go with SA. They have some expirence, late game shooter and a the best depth. I wish they can add 2 big men (Big Baby and like Joe Smith)

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ill take

the lakers they have the best 1 or 2 player in Kobe, and besides him they have 2 potential all stars ,and one all star. the only position on their roster that isnt great is the point guard spot, it's solid though and their still trying to add Nate

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Thats true a lot could still

Thats true a lot could still be different. The Lakers could get Nate. Cleveland could also add Shawn Marion or Josh Childress. All five of these teams are loaded. It is safe to say the NBA champions will come from these 5 teams. Brandon Bass going to the Magic could be a stretch. All the other pickups seem pretty likely right now IMO.

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At full health, I'm
At full health, I'm predicting a Boston-San Antonio Finals. At the same time, full healthy seems rather unlikely for those two teams.
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Ginobili probably wont

Ginobili probably wont start. They are a better team when they bring him off the bench.

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my prediction is Spurs vs

my prediction is Spurs vs Magic in the finals. the Magic still are really weak down low though which could keep them from winning it all.

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it might take a few years..

PG- Russell Westbrook
SG- James Harden
SF- Kevin Durant
PF- Jeff Green
C- B.J. Mullens

hopefully Mullens isnt a bust like everybody thinks he will be. and for them to be successful Durant really has to emerge as a leader.. but imagine if they actually did have two lottery picks next year?!

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The Lakers have the best player in the NBA, who is a proven leader. The Celtics are old. Lebron cant lead his pathetic supporting cast to the Finals. The Magic lost a great player. The Spurs and Lakers will basically be the championship game. Whoever wins it will beat whoever wins the Eastern Conferance

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San Antonio has a injury

San Antonio has a injury prone ginobli , and richard jefferson hasn't been safe from injuries himself.......also you can consider that the fact that timmy D is getting old......the only bright spot i see is tony parker......Don't get this wrong they will be a grreat team next year only if they can keep themselves away from injuries......right now yu can already say lakers and san antonio are the two teams in the westgunna be facing each other in the coference and if the lakers could add nate.....they are a shoe in to win the finals.....also i think from the east boston will be facing clevland in the finals.....since boston has more depth....they will probably win

but the best line-up i see from all got to be boston.....but i do think think they should add sheed in the starting rotation and let perkis come off the bench

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I'm going Lakers vs Celtics. Should be a great year, all these teams are in an arms race to stockpile the most talent.

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I really like the Celtics

I really like the Celtics lineup with Wallace coming off the bench and they even better their chances at a title if they can pick up Grant Hill, that would be a more than qualified veteran lineup. The Magic with Vince is another intriguing team because it seems like he has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove he's capable of lifting a team to a championship.

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Lakers have the best talent, deepest team and best coach. They have balance inside and out and are proven winners. Lakers are best team in basketball right now.

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as far as

lineups go i really like the Cavs(assuming that happens).......BUT i think in the end we will get the rematch laker fans have been waiting for: Lakers vs Celtics!!

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