Who is Willie Warren?

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Who is Willie Warren?

I have seen him play once in the OKL @ UNC game and he looked like a combo guard not a passing guard so is he another Eric Gordon and does he deserve a number 7 pick where Chad Ford has him projected to be drafted.

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he real

The kid is real. I mean ive seen him play a few times this year and he can shoot it and every now and then he can dish it out. He almost loks like a poor mans dwyane wade at times. I think another year in college will do him some god though

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I think he reminds me more

I think he reminds me more of willie green of the sixers. He should've come out this year cause without the great Blake their will be more focus on him defensively which will cause him to struggle. He should come out now while he's hot before he sinks like collison.

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Willie Warren is a beast

Willie Warren is a beast athletically. He can sky, he's quick, and pretty strong. I got to see him play in person this year, and at times he seemed to be in a league of his own, (not counting Blake Griffin). I think it will be good for him to stay another year and run Oklahoma. He's a streaky shooter (see UNC game) but other times he can light it up. Fun player to watch too.

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A cheap, version of Jared Bayless

He's a cheap, watered down version of Jared Bayless!!! He's not that good yet!!! Give him two more years of COLLEGE BASKETBALL...... If he doesn't declare after his junior season, he'll be an after thought. A Shea Cotton (ha ha ha) in the making. I watched him play too many times. He continues to butt heads with head coach Jeff Capel. He did step it up when Blake Griffin was hurt, most noticably, in a loss to Texas. He's about 6 feet 3 1/2. He can be explosive, but he really became arrogrant towards the end up the season. The more he ego grew, the worse his game became.

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I love his ego, he has that

I love his ego, he has that killer instinct and that attitude that he is better than everyone. I see him as a mix between Ben Gordon and Willie Green, a fringe starter depending on what matchups there are.

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UNC game was bad example

Im a UNC fan, and wont bury the kid for that showing. I saw him on tv 2 or 3 other occasions and was impressed, really. I had decided I didnt like him for no reason until I saw him play, we all do it sometimes, but then I watched. He has a really diversified offensive game for a freshman. Not quite at the elite level of Bayless or Gordon id say, but uncommon from such an explosive athlete at this point. The one problem with his game is that he is in no way shape or form a point guard, and can't be at the NBA level. He is strictly a 2, and an undersized one by a full inch or two. I think he is a late lottery type talent, because I think he has a pretty high cieling and floor. I dont see him bieng an All star, but I see him bieng an exciting and explosive starter for many years. If he can really improve his ballhandling and shooting, he is athletic enough to be. I can't see him not bieng a good pro, unlike many potential based lottery picks.

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