Who will pay Andrew Bynum?

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Who will pay Andrew Bynum?

The general consensus will agree that Bynum should in no way shape or form be given/trusted with a max contract, which he wants. The general consensus will also agree that someone somewhere will give him one. There are a few teams that will be in position to sign him to a max or come close to it. My question- who do you think would? Ive listed a couple ways a few teams that may consider the idea will be able to pull it off. Not saying its a good decision for all teams, but I wouldn't be surprised if the did. And of course, any team considering Bynum will of course be interested in Howard if he was to become available.

Philly- Do they bite the bullet and resign him to the max?

Atlanta- Will have just north of 30 mill in cap space. A **healthy Bynum** allows Horford to slide to the 4. With the emergence of Teague and Jenkins, additional cap space, and two first rounders, Atl can instantly form this team into Eastern title contenders.

Dallas- Cuban will make a splash this Summer. Would he dare pursue Bynum?

Wsh- Cannot sign Bynum outright, but Okafor 14mill, Ariza 7 mill, expiring contracts plus this year's lotto pick in a sing-n-trade will definitley get Philly's attention.

Cleveland- Not sure, but I think they'll have space to sign him outright, but does have young bigs and picks that Philly would be interested in in a sign-n-trade. Cleveland was rumored to be interested in Bynum before.

New Orleans- Reported they will look to move Gordon this off season. Will either team consider a sign-n-trade Bynum for Gordon?

PHX- Will have about 9 million in cap space. Would they trust their medical staff to work miracles and to keep Bynum healthy? Sign-n-trade around a package of Gortat, picks, other players for Bynum?

Houston- Asik/T-rob/Garcia's 6 mill expiring contract, plus another young prospect in sign-n-trade?

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He won't get the max. If a GM

He won't get the max. If a GM does, they should be canned on the spot.

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Ideally before any paperwork

Ideally before any paperwork gets faxed.

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Hell get max $ just not the

Hell get max $ just not the years. it's gonna come down to who will give him the most guaranteed yrs. ATL makes a lot of sense if they're willing to take the risk.

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Im hoping Cleveland doesn't touch him. He's an oft injured center with questionable motivation and a lackadaisical approach to the game at times. Cleveland already has an oft injured big in Varejao that brings nothing but hustle and energy to that team while he's on the floor. Tristan Thompson has blossomed while Varejao has been out. And Zeller can only get better. Id rather throw money at Greg Oden as a low risk-high reward type of investment. If we can get 15 minutes a game out of him and get Andy on the bench to rest and Zeller to keep filling in there is no need for him. If Cleveland, or any team, is throwing max/near-max money at Bynum, its basically a huge gamble. But I have a feeling its going to come down to whoever gives him the most money.

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This is why Bynum was an

This is why Bynum was an absolute idiot for turning down a large extension from the Sixers when he got traded. I think a 4 year 60 million dollar deal where there is a team option every year for 2, 3, 4 would be nice for him. If he stays healthy he gets 60 million. If he doesn't stay healthy then a team wasted 15 million dollars in a high risk high reward scenario. I don't even know if you can do contracts like that, but I am sure there could be a way for it to be done. Maybe a 4yr 20million contract where he gets 10million bonuses in the years he plays in 75% of the games. Obviously I am no expert on NBA contracts, but Bynum would be an idiot not to go to the highest bidder.

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Would not want him on my

Would not want him on my team.....not even offering him a contract #keepitmoving

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I particularly see Phoenix

I particularly see Phoenix going after Andrew Bynum. I think that Dallas could make a run at him if no one else seems interesting in coming to Dallas in the off season.

Honestly though, I don't think any team should touch him for more than the veteran's minimum because I don't imagine his career will continue for much longer with his knees. Even if it does somehow, I envision he'll miss long stretches of time every season he continues playing.

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Isiah Thomas was still running the knicks, I could see him giving Bynum a 10 year 200 million dollar contract or trading away 10 first round draft picks over the next 10 years to the sixers. He would pull off some genius moves on this one.

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Any team even thinking about

Any team even thinking about giving him a max needs to fire thier GM. Even if he is healthy, his knees will likely be a problem for the rest of his career. If a team signs him it's gotta be a low risk high reward type of deal. He was able to have 1 healthy and was an all star and all-nba but his knees are only going to get worse with more wear and tear. You include the off the court stuff and maturity issues and I just don't see who is stupid enough invest so much into him

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I fear the Sixers will be the

I fear the Sixers will be the team to give him a lot more money than he should get. The ownership has been talking like he his plan A for a while now despite him not playing a game. They don't want to admit defeat in this move and it may end up costing the organization big time. I would rather see them give big money to somebody like Al Jefferson who actually will play.

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I want to see him go to

I want to see him go to Phoenix, not because I'm a Suns fan and think he'll help, but if he can't stay healthy with their staff he can't play in the NBA anymore and all questions will be put to rest.

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Of the teams you listed, I

Of the teams you listed, I actually like the Hornet idea. The Hornets aren't winning anything with Eric Gordon, and he has been a major injury concern himself.

Could see him ending up in PHX, the combination of that training staff and the fact they are so desperate for a marquee player.

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Shouldn't all of these chronically injured guys be trying to find their way to Phx ASAP? I mean let's see, Shaq, Nash, Hill, Jermaine O'Neal, Michael Redd, etc, etc. And people wondered why Eric Gordon was so mad.

I'm hoping the Bobcats go crazy and give him a massive deal. I'm a Bulls fan and would love to see that team with a top 5 pick that only required them to give the Bobcats the right to overpay him.

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its hard

out here for a pimp lol. Damn I hope buddy is going to get offered a 3 year deal. He needs to go to a team where he can put them over the top. Cleveland could be the place (if waiters develops and kyrie improves). That's all ifs. Bynum will never be healthy lol go join Miami for the veteran minimum you hurt &$#%#[email protected]!

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Philly should just sign him.

Philly should just sign him. They've already given up so much, if they don't sign him, they'll end up losing good young players as well as their most valuable asset (Iguodala) for nothing.

They're already 3/4s in, might as well finish the job.

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That's exactly how I feel, they might as well just stick with it. He's still young and will have a lot more free reign in Philly than he did in LA. I'm still tweaking to see how Jrue & Bynum play together.

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girls on

dear god.

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girls on

dear god.

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wheres DNYCE when ya need him

wheres DNYCE when ya need him

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Phoenix is probably the only

Phoenix is probably the only place who should consider offering Bynum the max. He's only going to stay healthy if the medical team takes a super pro-active approach to his health, which is what Phoenix is known for. That said, Oden would be much cheaper and has just as much upside for Phoenix.

What's their cap space like though?

Maybe a sign and trade for Gortat with Philly for Gortat?

I'd be in consultation with the medical staff, see if they think they can get Bynum to stay healthy, and if they do, then throw some money at him.

Bobcats might be a chance to throw money at him, I know Jordan doesn't like to spend, but he also doesn't like to lose, and a top-4 pick + Bynum alongside MKG, Kemba, Biyombo and possibly Henderson sounds like a much more competitive team - if he can stay on the court.

Someone made a good point about Al Jefferson though. He's not a star like Bynum, but he's a consistent low-post scorer and will be much better value for teams. If I were Philly I'd be going after him instead of Bynum.

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