Who will have the better year???

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Who will have the better year???

I think all of these players will have the opportunity to raise their stock immensely. But in your opinion who is going to have the better year?

PG's: Maalik Wayns vs Tyshawn Taylor---> Wayns, because of his strength and he will have the opportunity to take over a pretty weak Villanova team nxt year

SG's: John Jenkins vs Seth Curry---> Jenkins, because he will have more of an opportunity to score this year than Curry bc of duke's depth. But both players will lead their respective divisions in 3pt shooting and i think both will have great years

SF's: Kris Joseph vs Jeffrey Taylor---> Joseph, because he is super athletic and if he developes a consistent 3pt shot, then he could go in the late lottery nxt yr.

PF's: CJ Leslie vs Patric Young---> Leslie, both are crazy athletic and can block shots. I pick Leslie bc of his footwork and his potential on the offensive end. I think the new State coach will help him out a lot!

C's: Tyler Zeller vs Yancy Gates---> Gates, IMO Zeller is the better player, but Gates will have a btter opportunity to showcase his talents instead of Zeller bc of UNC's depth

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malik wayns- taylor is a

malik wayns- taylor is a turnover-machine and i think wayns' penetration abilities will prove useful

john jenkins- we're not sure if seth curry even starts, i dont think this is close

jeff taylor- tough going with taylor because his offensive abilities are greater

patric young- beast. im not a fan of how raw he is but i think his man-child physical skills will lead him to a 13 and 10 type season

tyler zeller- im sure yancy gates will have a solid year too but zeller is the better player and only got better towards the end of the season

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Wayns- I agree, Taylor turns

Wayns- I agree, Taylor turns ball over too much, I have never been impressed with his ballhandling

Jenkins- we talked about Curry on another thread and I think he will get good run, but Rivers and Cook will impact his PT

I havent seen enough of Taylor to comment on him, I do like Joseph's game though.

Patric Young all day...Leslie may have much better numbers but will play for a really sucky team. Leslie loses Tracy Smith and Ryan Harrow, he will be the man but NCSU will be at the bottom of the league. Young on the other hand is getting great experience with U19 and the Gators will be good as heck, plus Beal will open up the inside a lil more.

Zeller is gonna have a great season if he just stays healthy and consistent, he will have so much talent around him, he can have a field day in the post.

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