Who will have better numbers this year Dwight or Bynum?

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Who will have better numbers this year Dwight or Bynum?

Kobe kids point to the stats to make their arguement that Dwight is so much better, but lets see what the numbers look like when Bynum will be the number 1 option, and Dwight has to fight for scraps with Kobe.

To be continued...

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Over and over again...

Yes, Bynum will probably have better stats than Dwight this year. But Howard will still get similar stats to what he got in Orlando. Bynum will probably have a career year. But here is the stat that matters most to me: Wins! And Dwight will have many more than Andrew. Dwight has a chance at a ring. Bynum has a chance to be the best player on a team that will fight for a playoff spot, but not compete for a ring - at least this year. So, in my opinion, let Bynum have his stats. I'm willing to bet the Lakers don't regret making the trade.

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Bynum easy. He's going to be

Bynum easy. He's going to be the #1 option and he's going to feast on the weaker big men of the east

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