who will have the best individual careers from 2011 draft?

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who will have the best individual careers from 2011 draft?

top 5 future players... drafted last year...


derrick williams

marshon brooks

iman shumpert

klay thompson

honorable mention: kanter


i know this is probably wrong but its what i feel

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Kyrie Irving- This ones

Kyrie Irving- This ones obvious, he going to be an all star for many years, I mean seriously? 8-8 from three in the rising stars challenge? That's really good

Imam Shumpert- His defense is all ready at an all-defensive team level and it's going to keep improving as he ages, also great athleticism

Klay Thompson- If Monta gets traded I really think Klay is going to break out. He has unlimited range and his offensive game is very smooth.

Derrick Williams- All he needs is opportunity, If Beasley gets traded I think he gets a lot more minutes to show his potential and average around 14 and 8.

MarShon Brooks- This depends on if he gets traded in a package for Dwight Howard or not. If he does, he become a top option on the Magic and averages around 18 ppg, but doesn't do much else.

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As much as I love MarShon I

As much as I love MarShon I think we are seeing his upside right now as a 14ishppg scorer and a big time chucker. There are a lot of guys in this draft you could make a case for but I also like these guys as above average role players:

Norris Cole

Kenneth Faried

Kawhi Leonard

Chandler Parsons

But I think Kyrie will be the best though

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your going with good

your going with good "underground" players (good list). i went with the legit top 5

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I know he hasn't played a lot

I know he hasn't played a lot this year but I think Burks is going to be really good the few games he has gotten minutes he does great.

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1. Kyrie Irving-- this guy is

1. Kyrie Irving-- this guy is a legit point guard. A great building block for the Cavs. Should be an all-star in a couple of years.

2. Derrick Williams -- nice game. Good athlete. Might be in the wrong spot though. Might be more of a "stretch four" than a pure small
forward. He has a lot of tools though.

3. Jonas Valencuinas-- can't wait to see what he does in Toronto next year. He kicked butt last year against the Euro youngsters. Hopefully he
keeps improving.

4. Kemba Walker-- too much talent and too much heart. He blew up last year and I expect him to have a very good year. I wonder if the Bobcats take Jeremy Rivers if they pick outside the top 3 to reunite last year's championship back court.

5. Bismack Biyombo-- good size. Can block shots and rebound and looks to be a great defensive anchor.

Just missed: Kenneth Faried -- great rebounder, quick jumper. I love his energy around the rim. If he gets enough minutes and
expands his offensive game then he can be the 2nd best guy out of this class. I have Biyombo ahead of Faried since Biyombo is a better shot blocker.

Kawhi Leonard-- a great energy, glue guy from the wing. The Spurs will teach him the game. He will be very good, even if his stats don't show it.

Jimmer-- if he can find his range and a good fit then he should be able to score in bunches-- from practically anywhere on the court. Might be a little one dimensional but if he can drain 3's he will be a valuable NBA commodity.

Tristan Thompson -- looked solid in the Rookie-soph game. Should get minutes and he is playing with a great young point guard so he should be able to put up some nice stats.

Marshon Brooks-- he can score. There is always room in the league for guys who can score, even if he never turns into an all-star.

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nice...nice^ who's "jeremy


who's "jeremy rivers" btw :)

jk i know what you mean

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1) Derrick Williams - Has

1) Derrick Williams - Has shown flashes of brilliance when given playing time, unlike Kyrie who we've been watching all year, I like his combination of skills/freakathleticism/range and his strength really stands out against opposing SF's. Anyone see his drive on Gerald Wallace the other night? Will play a key role for the Wolves down the stretch this year and I hope/beg will start next to Love at SF by the end of the year. Honestly I believe his future is at SF, can guard opposition very effectively and has the quickness strength and range to cause matchup issues..

1) Kyrie Irving - Great all around PG, does everything well, I haven't been able to watch him as much as I would have liked I will be honest.

2) Marshon Brooks - Will score wherever he ends up. It's just what he does.. Not sure if a team will win with him though, I'd like to see him play with a real competitive team.. Was always stuck at Providence in college, now the nets..

3) Isaiah Thomas - I'm really rooting for this guy, great competitor, passionate, has produced big time when his name has been called too..

4) Bismack Biyombo - Will develop into a incredible low post defender rebounder. Already has shown flashes of his potential, game the other night against Howard was eye opening.

5) Kawhi Leonard - Looks to be like he could really develop into a glue type of hustle player that every team needs... hits an occasional 3... does the dirty work..

Kenneth Faried - PF version of Kawhi Leonard, shown a nose for the ball, tough.

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