Who will get overpaid?

With 9 potential new max deals out there (2 in Miami, 2 in Chicago, 2 in New York, 2 in New Jersey, and one with the Clippers) and only 4 or 5 max value players (assuming Wade and Nowitzki stay put), who will get overpaid, and by which teams?

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Johnson Gay Lee Stoudemire Pi

Pierce (long term)

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Every single NBA Player is

Every single NBA Player is overpaid I think the big question is who will be unerpaid...

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Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes got the vet min every year yet he's a solid player that deserves around 2mil a year.

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Stoudemire and Johnson are

Stoudemire and Johnson are both gonna get max deals, i think thats overpaying for both of them

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I would agree. especially

I would agree. especially with Joe Johnson

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Anyone who gets a max year

Anyone who gets a max year deal besides LBJ and Wade. Sorry but Johnson, Bosh, Amare, Boozer are not worth max money. Pierce and Dirk are worth it for their teams but not for more than a 4 year deal respectively.

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David Lee will get overpayed

David Lee will get overpayed because I imagine his deal will be similar if not more than Paul Milsap. Since Milsap is overpayed, Lee will be overpayed.

I would also agree that 3-4 years max for Dirk and Pierce would be money wisely spent and anything more would turn into an Elton Brand type of contract situation.

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Lee will get 5 years 55-65

Lee will get 5 years 55-65 mill but thats not overpaid when Bosh, Amare and JJ are getting 125 mill.
People don't give Lee as much credit but he seems to be a late bloomer and he's only been in the league 5 years compared to 7 for Bosh and 8 for Amare and Boozer.
Only Lebron, Wade and Dirk are really max players.
Right now there might be only 6 players that deserve the max in the league Kobe, Gasol, Dirk, Lebron, Wade, Mello.
Maybe Deron Williams and Chris Paul becaz they are elite Pg's.

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The answer is becoming clearer

Looks like we know the first two: Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay.....

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...and Amir Johnson (5yrs/$34M) and Channing Frye (5yrs/$30M) join the overpaid list.

I think Darko and Salmons and Gooden and Warrick and Blake went for about what they're worth, though.

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if maybe channing frye could

if maybe channing frye could grab some more rebounds and play dee, block a couple shots, be a rasheed wallace type player he was the past couple years then maybe he can begin to earn that deal....

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